PM Dion Ngute's Message to Clergy, Youths,Mothers, Elite

By Raymond Dingana

Day Two of Prime Minister Dion Ngute's visit to Bamenda saw him talking to the consciences of the Clergy, Youths, Mothers and the Elite of the North West Region of Cameroon.

During the public meeting that took place at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue Grand Stand, Wednesday October 6,2021, the PM invited the Clergy in the region to help safe the lives of those in the bushes fighting the state of Cameroon.

"I agree that not everyone can see things the same way. I know they don't agree with government 100℅, but is the alternative what the boys are doing in the bush? i say No. Please, your role is to safe souls, safe those children from drug consumption, kidnappings, torture and killings. That is not the life they should be living." he said.
To the Youths, the PM identified sport as a connecting factor for all the youths.

" I assure the youths that, if I come here next time, we will launch a project to do that stadium which is a connecting factor for all the youths.Please your friends in other regions are going about their lives normally, there is no reason why you should be putting your lives on the line, there is no need being in the bushes while your friends are in schools studying," the PM indicated.
Talking to mothers, Dion Ngute implored them to talk their sons and daughters out of the bushes because they may not make it out alive.

PM Dion Ngute At The Bamenda Grand Stand, Wednesday Oct. 6,2021

The elite were called opon to stop sitting on the fence. Dion Ngute said those fighting in the bushes cannot be more than them.
"We must tell them forth right and stop standing on the fence because we are destroying our region." He intimated.
It is now left on the above mentioned class of people to contribute their own little quarter to see in to that, peace returns to the region.


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