Was There Really An Attack On The PM's Convoy In Bamenda?

By Raymond Dingana

Social media has been awashed with news that, the convoy of Cameroon's Prime Minister and Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute was hit at MATAZEM, in Santa Sub Division, North West Region of Cameroon,Tuesday October 5, 2021.

This has been debunked by many who were at the scene when the Prime Minister stepped feet on North West soil.

PM Dion Ngute At Matazem, Santa Sub Division On Day One Of His Visit

Minister Felix Mbayu in a come together with the media family in Bamenda confirmed that, gunshots were heard from the hills but did very little to create an impact.

Talking to drayinfos.com, one of those who saw what happened said, security around MATAZEM was tight making it impossible for any intruder to come anywhere close to where  Dion Ngute was received by the North West administration led by Governor Lele Lafrique Adolph Choffo Deben.

"Just when Prime Minister Chief Dr. Dion Ngute was addressing those who came out to welcome him, gun shots were heard from the hills more than 1km away," an eye witness, Ndifor,(not his real name) said adding that, 
"the sounds of the gun shots were that which only someone which  sharp ears could get them since there came from up the hills far away from MATAZEM. The soldiers responded with heavy gun fire whose sounds overshadowed those coming from the hills."
The convoy would later drive to Bamenda unperturbed making about two stops on the way, one at Mile 1 and the other at Custom's Junction, Up Station.

The Prime Minister is said to have  alighted from his vehicle and reminded the population of his mission to Bamenda which he said was all about Peace Building, Ndifor said.

PM At Up Station Bamenda

Many including reporters we spoke to said,it was a smooth ride to Bamenda from MATAZEM.

They said what happened in Santa  was nothing around the neighborhood of an attack but a way by some people to try to be relevant.

The PM was able to complete day one of his visit to Bamenda after meeting with the Press Core and others.



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