South Communication Delegate Decries Negative Effects Of Anglophone Crisis On Female Journalists

By Raymond Dingana

The Regional Delegate of Communication for the South Region, Beko'o B'Evina Marguerite Solange, has decried the fallouts of the Anglophone armed conflict on female journalists.

According to her, the armed conflict has led to the loss of jobs for most female journalists. 
She was speaking, Wednesday, November 11, 2021, during a workshop organized by the Cameroon Association of English-speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) for Print and Online journalists in collaboration with the Canadian High Commission.

South Regional Delgate of Communication Beko'o B'Evina Marguerite

The workshop that took place in Kribi, Ocean Division of the South Region was placed on the theme: “Factoring Gender, Human Reporting in the North West and South West Regions.”

Going by the Delegate, owners of media organs do not believe those female journalists are as resilient as their male counterparts.

 "It is very challenging being a female journalist in a crisis zone. Many have lost their jobs because media bosses think they are not resilient in times of conflict, which is not true. They are kept aside in favour of the men because they think they cannot sustain the sound of the gun..," she said.
She further explained that female journalists also have a say as far as their profession is concerned.

"We would like to see how employers can manage and accommodate both male and female journalist, so that female journalists can also have something to earn a living... Keeping them aside is not the way to go," she advised.
Meanwhile, Ajumane Francis, Moderator of the workshop, encouraged more women to embrace Print Journalism.  

As observed during the workshop, many female journalists shy away from print journalism for the audio- visual journalism because of their crave for stardom. 

Despite the challenges,  some female journalists are still actively involved in the Print Media. 

Some of the female participants, who are into the print media are: Elizabeth Banyi Tabi of the Guardian Post in Douala, Ndefru Melanie, who writes for the Sun Newspaper in Bamenda, Wanchia Cynthia, The Guardian Post Northwest Regional correspondents, Ticha Melanis,of  the Median Newspaper in Limbe and Daniela Itoe Ngum, the Guardian Post Newspaper in Kumba.

Family Picture Of Participants Of The Workshop In Kribi

Meanwhile, Ajumane urged the few female journalists in the print media to hold the hands of their female peers and encourage them to embrace print journalism.

At the debute of the workshop, the National President of CAMASEJ, Jude Viban, called on the journalists to treat their story ideas well,

"A good story idea will not open the doors of the prison for you, a poorly treated story will do," he noted.

CAMASEJ National President, Jude Viban


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