Bamenda City Councilors Vote Less But Realistic 2022 Budget

By Raymond Dingana

The Bamenda City Council will operate on a budget of close to 4.3 billion FCFA come 2022, less than what the council had in 2021.

There is a decrease of about three hundred and eighty nine million FCFA representing a percentage of 8.4℅.

This was made known Tuesday December 21,2021 during the City Council's budgetary session to adopt the 2022 budget.

Bamenda City Mayor Addressing Councilors At Budgetary Session

According to Mayor Achobong Tembeng Paul of the Bamenda City Council, what they need is a realistic budget,

"The 2022 budget of the city council has experienced a significant drop in the value of 8.4%. I think we have to do things that are realistic. It is not comfortable for us to have a budget that we will not be unable to realize it. We want to say what we can do and that is why we have made a budget of 8.4% drop so that by this time next year, we will be showing prove of what has been done," Mayor Achobong explained.

The 2022 budget has as priority city roads, water, electricity among others.

"Our priority concern for 2022 is to work on our roads, have a clean city in terms of garbage collection and a reconciliatory plan for the city where all the citizens of this town will reconcile with each other and we call it a turning point. I want to assure the population that work will effectively commence on the city roads in 2022," he added.

The issue of garbage collection, waste disposal and management animated the session.

City Councilors At The Session

It was said that, Bamenda I,II and III Councils were supposed to have provided a dumping site for the waste collection and management company HYZACAM.

However, the councils have not done much towards that direction, something the other councilors did not find it funny.

The councilors also frowned at the way waste from toilets are deposited.

One of the councilors noted that where the waste is dumped constitute a health hazard.

The idea of recycling waste also came up as many indicated that it was going to go a long way to safe the environment from being destroyed.

Another bone of contention was the idea of insuring councilors.

Some municipal councilors questioned why till date, sub divisional councils have not insured their councilors despite the context under which they are operating in.

The Senior Divisional for Mezam,Mooh Emile Simon responded by saying that,

" there is no insurance company that will accept to cover cases that have to do with terrorism, kidnappings and others. The insurance companies know where they can interven."

Bamenda II and III Councils were given tumps up for going far in the process of insuring their councilors while Bamenda I came under fire for dragging its feet.

To tackle the kind of fire outbreaks that hit markets in 2021 so they don't come back in 2022, it was anounced that thousands of smook detectors will be made available so they can help to detect a fire outbreak for swift intervention.

All fingers are now crossed to see if all the projects earmarked for 2022 will see the light of day so that the population can have at least a reason to smile.


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