Bamenda: Uniform Men Deprive Hundreds Of Shelter

By Rosaline Obah

Hundreds of civilians at the Mbengwi road neighborhood in Bamenda have seen their rights to shelter taken away from them by heavily armed men dressed in military uniforms that resemble those worn by the Cameroon army.

Some of the shops at Hospital Round About also went up in flames caused by same men in military wears.

According to Atuh, a resident of that neighborhood, the attacks on residential areas came after suspected separatist fighters used an explosive device on a military vehicle.

Atuh furthered that many of the men in khaki are suspected to have lost their lives reason why their colleagues went out and rendered many homeless by setting their homes on fire.

Houses On Fire At Mbengwi Road

Mbengwi road is one of the hotspots of the ongoing armed conflict in the restive North West Region of Cameroon.

Anyone who is used to Bamenda will teatify of the biting cold that blows at especially at night.

This extreme weather condition is always at its apex during the dry season especially from mid November.

More Houses Going Up In Flames

Those who left their houses Wednesday morning could not even return and set eyes on the remains of what used to be their homes.

I have not been able to go home, I don't even know the condition of my family, a neighbor told me she saw my first daughter running with my last son. I don't even know where the others, are, Anwi, a mother of four told us.

Many are now sleeping in the open, a clear indication that the extreme cold weather will bite right deep in to their flesh.

Those who will not feel the difficult weather conditions are the civilians whom reports say were shot and killed by the men in uniform as a sign of revenge after the attack on them.

Some of their bodies were desecrated by the gun carrying men who exhibited them at Hospital Round About.

The authorities have remained mute over this recent burnings just as they did with the previous ones making observers to conclude that they don't really care.


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Great write-up. The Lord see us through

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