DDR NW: Coordinator Lessens Burden On Visitors, Ex-Fighters

By Raymond Dingana

The access road in to the Center for Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) in Bamenda has been given a new facelift.

Works on the road were carried out Saturday December 12, 2021 under the watchful eyes of the Coordinator, Kum Henry Ichu.

Road Works Ongoing At DDR Bamenda

DDR NW Coordinator Kum Henry At The Rehabilitation Site

He pointed out that the road to the DDR Center was a night mare to visitors,
"The road has been quite bad, it was inaccessible, we have been using other smaller roads to come to the center which were not conducive and did not speak well of the center. We decided to work on the road so that our children and visitors could feel comfortable," Kum Henry explained.
The rehabilitation works on the access road raised eye brows given that the center is expected to relocate to its perminent site in Mankon.

"Life has to be cosy for the moment.Even if we are to be here for three months, we still have to do the roads. The reason we have not yet moved to the evelasting site is because it has not yet been equipped. Only my hierarchy can give us a time frame as far as moving there is concerned," Kum Henry intimated.
He furthered that the interim site of the DDR center which was once a Health Center will be used in the future as a collection base for repentant separatist fighters.

Partial View Of The Situation Of The Road Before Works Were Carried Out

He also thanked the Director of the North West Development Authority known in its French acronym as MIDENO, Cletus Matoya for assisting the center with the machine that was used for the rehabilitation work.

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