Peace, Unity Tournament: DDR Bamenda Got Talents

By Raymond Dingana

A football competition dopped "Peace and Unity Tournament" between the ex fighters of the Disarmament, Dimobilisation and Reintegration Center and the administration of Bamenda II Municipality has exposed some hidden talents many say have been idling at the DDR center in Bamenda.

This has triggered calls for football promoters to put an eye on the center so that they can harvest some talents to play in some of the football leagues in the North West Region of Cameroon.

During the finals of the game Friday December 24,2021, the boys of Kum Henry gave the administration a run for their money.

Players Of DDR Bamenda And Their Trophy After Beating The Administration 2 goals to 1

The players of DDR were in control of the match reason why they opened scores through a beautiful free kick that was well executed.

Through the Divisonal Officer for Bamenda II, Nicholas Kongho Manchang, the administrative family leveled scores in what the commentator of the match Ndi Tsembom Elvis described as an "Administrative Order" to the amusement of spectators.

The DDR players continued exhibiting their talents as they kept the pressure on their oponent.

DDR Players Celebrating Their Win

Few minutes to the end of the match, the goal keeper incharge of the goal post of the administration only saw the ball at the back of his net through a header from a corner kick making it 2-1 in favor of DDR Bamenda.

DO For Bamenda II(Middle) At Prize Award Afer The Football Encounter

According to Manchang who captained the side of the administration, the tournament had many things to potray and fix,
"The match was organised for them to interact, it is a process to integrate them back in to the society. We wanted to prove to the world that those boys who have surrendered and joined the DDR center are very safe and under good condition. We are also calling of the population to stop stigmatizing them," Manchang pointed out.
To Kum Henry, North West Regional Coordinator of the DDR, Captain of his side, the population should stand behind the ex fighters whom he said listened to the call from President Paul Biya and dropped their weapons.

Kum Henry, DDR Coordinator Bamenda, Captain Of The DDR Football Team

"Those who were fighting against each other yesterday are now playing as partners today. We should live as one and we can always sort out our differences without killing one another," Kum indicated.
Also present was the Bamenda II Council Mayor, Peter Chenwi who appreciated the center with an envelope to entertain the ex combatants after the encounter.

One of the players of DDR by name Ngalah said:
"We are very happy for haven won the match. Playing with the administration was not an easy task. It also shows that we have changed for the better."
He also reiterated calls for the authorities to reintegrate them back in to the society.

Ngala,DDR Player

He explained that the number of those leaving the center will determine the number of fighters that will drop their weapons and embrace the DDR. 

The day ended with the lighting of the Christmas tree, a sign that Christmas is also at the DDR center in Bamenda.

Christmas Tree Lighting At DDR Bamenda


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