Why Bamenda City Council Buses Are Off The Streets

By Dingana Raymond

The Bamenda City Council Bus Shuttles that were brought in to feel the transportation vacuum created by the restriction on the movement of motor bikes have not been circulating since November 13,2021.

Though they could not extend their assistance to areas considered hostile, users testified that the services were positive but for women who decried sexual harassments from the police officers that accompanied them.

Many have questioned why the vehicles that served the population for free by transportating them to their various destinations suddenly disappeared from the streets.

One Of The City Council Buses

During the budgetary session to vote the Bamenda City Council's 2022 budget, Tuesday December 21,2021, the City Mayor, Achobong Tembeng Paul indicated that one of the buses was set ablaze on November 12,2021.

This he said was when an angry mob went out protesting the incident that led to the killing of a Primary school Pupil at the mile two neighborhood in Bamenda that same day.

"We decided to withdraw the buses from the street until a time when we will be sure the buses will go out and come back safely following what happened to one of them when a child was killed in Nkwen. We also thought of the safety of the drivers and passengers too," Achobong said.

The six buses started work in the month of September 2020 and as the days go by, they started suffering one technical problem to another reason why they could not work in their full capacities.

Mayor Achobong however promised that the brand new Vans bought with grants from the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon will soon arrive Bamenda though he did not give the exact date for their arrival.

It is still not clear how it would look like should the brand new buses come and meet the dilapidated roads that exist in the city of Bamenda as officials would loved to call it.



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