Inside NWR: Read Latest News From The Northwest Region of Cameroon

By Raymond Dingana

Anglophone Crisis Victim Cries For Help

Mbah Roland says he was shot by Cameroon Soldiers in an Armored car last October 8, 2021 at Mbengwi Road

Mbah Roland, Victim Of Anglophone Crisis Now With One Leg After He Was Shot

I had just closed from work as a commercial biker and was heading home to my family when the soldiers rained bullets on me,
recounts Mbah. He lost a leg as a result and since then has not been able to take care of his family.
I am begging on perons of goodwill to help me even if it means just educating my children. I have spent all what I ever made since I started working.

Commercial bikers Decry Police Harressment

Commercial bike riders in Bamenda have continued to lament over what they say is police harassment on a daily basis. The say the police would hid in people's shops and jump out when bikes are passing and start asking for money,
Elements of the third district police station at ringway street in Bamenda held my bike and forced me to give them 5000frs.I ask why and they said if I question them again they will empound my bike and I will pay 30000FCFA. I was forced to pay the money. Says a victim.
Controversy Sorrounds Identify Of Corpse Dumped At City Chemist

The information hungry population of Bamenda has not stopped asking questions about the identity of a lifeless body discovered recently at the city chemist round about in Bamenda. Some say taking pictures was not allowwd by uniform officers who were there in their numbers.This raised a lot of dust as to who the victim was. News circulating around town is that he was a uniform officer. The circumstances sorrounding his demise has been kept under lock and key by the administration. Many have also asked why they prevented the population from taking images, something they always do when they kill those they identified as separatist fighters.

Night Life In Bamenda Continues To Be Under Attack

Night activites these days are becoming exremeely dangerous especially in Nkwen, Bamenda III sub division of the Northwest region of Cameroon. Armed men have been carrying out attacks especially on beer palors collecting huge sums of money, mobile phones and other valuables. This has caused many to prefer indoor drinking for fear of the unknown. Sunday night, a drinking sport at Cow Street was hit. Money and other valuables were taken away including one of the customers.

An explosion in Bambui Sends Soldiers, other On their Heels

The explosion happened recently some meters away from a security checkpoint mounted by uniform officers. The explosive device went off when the soldiers have stopped cars and asked everyone out for ID card check.While the soldiers ran to their vehicle and drove off, the civilians took off to different directions for safety. No one was hurt in the incident.

Ntamulung Congregation Appeals To PCC Authorities To Consider Them When Giving Financial Tasks

The call came from the Vice Chairperson of PC Ntamulung Congregation, Elder Arrey-Mbi Sammy during the induction service of two Associate Pastors of the church. He says the reason for this is that the ongoing crisis, the creation of new congregations and prayer cells among others have reduced their numerical and financial strength,
pls when giving financial tasks to the congregation, do consider that our numerical strength and financial viability is no longer as of old, Elder Arrey Mbi said.
Ngoketunjia SDO Mute After Min. Nalova's Outing

The senior divisional officer for Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest region of Cameroon has exercise sealed lips eversince Secondary Education Minister Nalova Lionga distanced her ministry from his decision to suspend salaries of teachers.

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