Anglophone Crisis: Mouths To Go Hungry As Breadwinner Is Killed

By Raymond Dingana

Fuchi Albert Sam, a native of Kom in the Northwest Region of Cameroon was the lone provider for his family. 

He would toil during the day and night, in the rain and under the sun just to make sure the many mouths that depend on him never go hungry, that the sick is treated and the naked clothed. On his way home from his job side, little did he know death was right there waiting for him. 

While driving towards the Travellers neighborhood in Bamenda, one of the boiling areas in the current war ravaging the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon Saturday evening, he was stopped by gun men who discharged bullets on him leaving him unresponsive even to the wailing of loved ones. 
Who will take care of these children, who will be there for them when no one is there, who would they call Papa again, anyone with a hand in this will never know rest. As they love to see others suffer, may that also be their portion, cries an old woman as Fuchi's dead body lies in his van.
This was a man who had promised  loved ones that he was coming back later that same evening. Fuchi Albert Sam is never going to make it again as he was forced out of this world unceremoniously and under unclear circumstances by armed men whose identities have not been established. 

Fuchi Albert Lying Dead In His Vehicle After He Was Shot By Gun Men

Lives have continued to be destroyed, families torn apart as little on nothing is being done to descontinue this dark side of life charecterised by pain and agony.

Yesterday it was Fuchi Albert Sam, who would be next? It could just be anyone if dialogue to resolve the crisis continues to delay.
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Anonymous said…
So sad
Mbengwi Online said…
So touching n jaw breaking
What a pity
How many lives left to be terminated as such before this nonsense n senseless war ends
Anonymous said…
I am disturbed.i still can't believe that it's true that you are gone small bro and
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
So sad
Anonymous said…
Ohhh my God I pitty the children who will care for them. RIP