Road Accident Leaves Two Persons Dead Along Bamenda-Bambili Stretch

Chattered Vehicles As A Result Of Accident 

By Raymond Dingana

Township taxi drivers in Bamenda are still in shock following the death of one of theirs who died alongside his passenger at the Mile 6 neighborhood in Nkwen, on the Bamenda-Bambili road, Friday March 15, 2024.

The accident that didn't only take away lives but caused enormous damages on the two vehicles involved has been attributed to over speeding.

"The black private car was on top speed when it suddenly found itself on the other said of the road colliding with the taxi. The occupants of the private owned vehicle fled the scene after the accident. The vehicle was coming from the Mile 6 direction while the taxi was heading towards Bamenda,"

explained a witness.

The passenger whose only name drayinfos got as Tigwe died on the spot, while the driver of the Starlet vehicle died later at the Regional Hospital in Bamenda.

" All efforts to safe the driver's life were futile. We were told by health experts at a hospital in Bambui that both legs were badly damaged ,and that he was also bleeding internally. We took him to the Regional Hospital Bamenda but he died,"

said Shey Rene, President of Mezam Professional Taxi Drivers Trade Union.

Destroyed Taxi 

The body of the driver was handed to Muslim authorities in Bamenda for burial.

The recent accident occured just days after a driver ran in to a farm bringing down two utility poles with his taxi in Bambili.

In a bid to transport as many passengers as possible, drivers plying the Bamenda- Bambui-Bambili stretch of has resorted to driving at breakneck speed, thereby ignoring warnings from their trade unions.

Destroyed Private Car


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