Bamenda Peace, Unity Match: NW Administration Bows To Lions Of DDR

By Raymond Dingana

A football encounter baptized Peace and Unity Match between repentant separatist fighters at the Disarmament, Dimobilisation and Reintegration Center, DDR Bamenda and the Northwest administration has taken place in Bamenda, chief town of the Northwest region of Cameroon.

The match which was part of activities to celebrate the 56th edition of the National Youth Day took place at the Military Station at Up Station.
Lions Of DDR Celebrating Their Victory Over The Administration After The Peace and Unity Match

Before the match, the feeling amongst the supporters of the opposing sides could only be compared to that of the Teranga Lions of Senegal and the Pharoas of Egypt before the finals of AFCON 2021 in Cameroon.

Vuvuzelas and words of encouragement from supporters could be heard as they animated the atmosphere while both sides battle for supremacy.

Suppoters Of Lions Of DDR With Their Vovuzelas Encouraging Their Team

It was the Lions of DDR that opened score few minutes in to the match thanks to a well executed kick from the player wearing jersy number three.

The kick saw Mbigha Felix, goal watcher for the administration helpless as all attempts to stop the ball from sterning his net were futile.

Play continued with both sides creating beautiful goal scoring chances and squandering them at the same time.

The Football Match In Progress

When play resumed for the second half of the game, the administration mounted pressure on their opponent and a mistake from the goal keeper for the Lions of DDR led to an equalizer by the administration.

This did not dampen the spirit of the DDR boys as they fought hard with the massive support from their supporters reviving the fighting spirit in them while the administration intensified their offensives.

At the close of the match, it was 1-1 on either side and since the encouter needed a victor and a vanquish, they had to proceed to post penalties.

Those who watched the kicks testified that they have never seen such a penalty shootout before.

Goal keeper Mbigha Felix was able to stop three penalties. His efforts did not yield the desired fruit as there was no corresponding action from his team mates who could not score a single penalty.

Mbigha too failed to score his when it was his turn to kick.

Kum Henry, Coordinator Of DDR And Captain Of the Lions Of DDR With The Trophy

The game ended 2-0 in favor of the Lions of DDR after post match penalties.

It should be borne in mind that last Friday December 24,2021, the boys of Kum Henry gave the administration a run for their money when they beat them 2-1 at the Government Practicing School Field at Old Town in Bamenda.
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