ESSOKA Security Company Denies Links With Cameroon's Military General

By Raymond Dingana

The management of ESSOKA Security Company has debunked information carried by some online news sites that a Major General in the Cameroon Army is the owner of the said security company.

African intelligence, Actu Cameroun and Cameroon web reported that the Director of Presidential Security , Gen. Ivo Desancio Yenwo owns the company.

Mr. Nsoh Joseph Of ESSOKA Security Company

This has been refuted by the company in a press briefing in Bamenda, Saturday 19 February 2022 where it was indicated that the company has nothing in common with the top ranking military official.

ESSOKA security company is owned by Mr. Nsoh Joseph (majority shareholder) and has no affiliation with the major general of the Cameroon military,
indicates a press release dated 17 February 2022.

ESSOKA Security Press Release

Another information that is good for the trash cane as noted by ESSOKA security company is information that concerns the company and the British High Commission (BHC) to Cameroon as indicated by the press release,
Secondary, the articles published by the news sites also claims the British High Commissioner to Cameroon contracted ESSOKA security to provide guarding services for its offices and staff courtesy of the Major General. This information is also fake, the release noted.
The contract with the BHC was obtained after a competitive international tender launched by the BHC on the 31 of march 2021.
Mr. Nsoh Joseph frowned at those spreading such fake news. He says information should be verified before it is published.

Some of the stories Debunked By Essoka Security Company Shared To The Press

Quizzed on wether he thinks the publication of what he described as fake news is a calculated act to run ESSOKA down, Mr. Nsoh said,
i think the most important issue here is to look for a solution which is to give the population the real information. We are focused on distancing ourselves from such pieces of information. However, if they continue, then i will be forced to think that it is a sabotage.
It was also revealed at the press briefing that the news sites guilty of publishing what the security company describes as fake news have been contacted to do a rejoinder.

Failure to do so, other actions would be taken against them.
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