Bamenda: After Killing Two Civilians, Population Wants Soldier To Re-Enact Crime Action

By Raymond Dingana

Days have come and gone since a soldier shot and killed two unarmed civilians, Ibrahim Yinju Talla and Che Henry at Ayaba hotel in Bamenda, chief town of the restive Northwest region of Cameroon.

What many have been expecting to see happen is yet to take place. They say they expected to see a re-enactment of the crime by the suspect and for him to appear before the courts to answer for his crimes.

Prayers Being Said At Old Town In Bamenda Before The Burial Of Ibrahim Talla

Not even the communique signed by Northwest Governor Adolph Lele L'Afrique on the incident has been able to calm down tempers.

Communique From The Office Of NW Governor, Adolph Lele Lafrique On The Killings

Days after one of the victims, Ibrahim Yinju Talla was laid to rest at a public cemetery in Ngomgham Bamenda, the feeling around the old town neighborhood where prayers were said before he was laid to rest and Ntahbessi where he leaved until his death has not been a good one.

Mourners At The Ngomgham Burial Ground In Bamenda Laying Ibrahim To Rest

They wish to see the suspected shooter act out what he did in front of the cameras as part of his punishment,

We have seen cases where people have committed crimes and were asked by security officers to perform what they did in front of the cameras. What is keeping the authorities from making this happen as a way to ensure that justice is served?

Inussa, a resident of old town Bamenda requested to know.

Others have indicated that this will at least cause the world to know the identity of the uniform officer who is being blamed for the death of two persons and that it will also serve as a deterrent to others,

We have not been given the shooter's identity. Allah alone knows why governor Lele Lafrique refused sharing the name with us. I am very sure he is out of the region with his family after rendering some people fatherless. I am challenging the authorities to bring him out and tried him in an opened court if truely Cameroon is a state of law as they claimed. This push others to understand the consequences of taking someone's life, Musa Ahmed told

There are those who think that hidding the identity of the perpetrator is only helping to escalate a certain belief which has continued to gain grounds both in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon about the lives of some persons,

As far as I'm concerned, some lives are worth wasting while others are worth protecting. In the two restive regions of Cameroon, our lives don't really matter. A soldier can waste you today and nothing will happen. You need to see them bragging on how many they have killed, where is the soldier who shot my customer's daughter at new road in Bamenda? Tabufor W.asked.

Those who hold this thought have been able to draw the public's attention to the recent happenings that have seen soldiers loosing their lives in the hands of separatist fighters and the population forced to pay the price.

The Mbengwi road burnings and killings, Nakaa village and Bali Nyonga as a whole, Bamenda town among others are still very fresh, a memory that may never be erased from the minds of the victims and sympathizers.

Questions have also been asked if it is appropriate for a soldier or soldiers to drink beer while on duty.

While the answers to the above questions continue to blow in the wind, there are those who say they have started distancing themselves from where gun wielding soldiers are especially when they are drinking.

This to them is because, the Governor of the region in his communique said both the victims and the suspect were aledged to be acting under the influence of alcohol.

This is to prevent being hit by bullets from a soldier's gun like what Ibrahim and Che Henry suffered days ago, one said.

Another school of thoughts holds that soldiers can't be asked to re-enact crimes they may have committed because they are not civilians and that only civilians can be forced to do that.

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