KEKCUDA: Kedjom Keku Denizens Celebrate New Dawn

By Raymond Dingana

Sons and daughters of Kedjom Keku aka Big Babanki have celebrated what they say is a new dawn in the life of the Kedjom Keku Cultural and Development Association (KEKCUDA).

This was after an election that saw a new executive put in place during an enlarged General Assembly Meeting of KEKCUDA, Saturday April 16,2022 in Bamenda.

The New Team To Handle The Affairs Of KEKCUDA With HRH, Vustiboung Benjamin Vubangsi

The election organised by the KEKCUDA Care Taker Committee that took place in the presence of HRH Vustiboung Benjamin Vubangsi gave the following persons the mandate to run the activities of the Association,

1) National President: Dr. Gwe Joseph A.
2) Vice National President: Mrs. Vitsile Quinta Abogahmoh.
3) National Secretary: Lonan Joseph
4) National Financial Secretary: Mr. Muluh Robert
5) National Treasurer: Mr. Atemkuh Christopher
6) National Social Secretary: Mrs Vumombi Catherine.
7) National Public Relation Officers:

-Louvier Kindo Tombe
-Akumbom Elvis Mc carthy
8) Internal Auditor: Vutumu Aloysius.

In order to work as one man for the development of Kedjom Keku, KEKCUDA decided that all the stalementes set aside for the sake of the village.

Sons And Daughters At The Enlarged General Assembly meeting Of KEKCUDA

Just like R.Kelly sang in one of his popular hit songs tiltled The ‘storm is over’, sons and daughters of Big Babanki say,the storm that has been blocking Development from seeing the light of day in the village is over. They say the old has gone and the new has come.

It was also resolved at the meeting that the new National exco of KEKCUDA shall Coordinate the completion and adoption of amendments made to the KEKCUDA Constitution.

In addition, the new National KEKCUDA Exco Will Revive Dormant Structures of the Association.

Again,That it was indicated that the new National KEKCUDA Exco shall work towards making Kedjom Great Again.

The Accounts of the Caretaker Committee were also presented, debated and adopted.

Shortly after the General Assembly, the new National KEKCUDA Exco met in a session where the discussed on how to move the Association forward.

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