Transportation: Tearful Friday In Bamenda

By Raymond Dingana

Shock and consternation are still the order of the day at the mile 2 neighborhood in Nkwen Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameoon following an accident that has claimed three lives leaving others in a critical state in what many say is a Bloody Friday

A truck entering the town of Bamenda through the Newroad neighborhood suffered a technical issue and crushed three persons on a motor bike leaving their corpses in a bad shape, Friday May 13,2022.

Accident/ Transportation: One Of The Victims Of Accident Friday At New Road
One Of The Victims Of The Accident At New Road

The occupants of the truck are in a critical condition in a health facility in Bamenda.

The accident magnated a huge crowd that turned out to feed their eyes with hands on their jaws and tears flowing down their cheeks as they could not bear the loss of another soul.

Accident/ Transportation:
Truck That Was Involved In The Accident At New Road

The respect for human lives even at death is yet to depart from the population who could be seen moving around gathering body parts of the victms.
This is the worst accident i have seen in recent times, Tenguh A. narrates in a sad tone, it is horrible, it is horible, we are even looking for one of the victims, we are only seeing but body parts.
Though the identities of the victims have not been revealed, we hear a little girl was among. The content of the container the truck was transporting is yet to be uncovered.

Transporters along that stretch of road are noted for high speed. Many structures are too close to the road,thereby posing a danger to the population.

Bike Crushed By The Vehicle

The lack of speed breakers on that road is another worry that has been raised by the populace reasons why calls for them to be contructed have continue to escalate.

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