Culture: Villagers Rain "Stones" On New Fon Of Mankon

By Raymond Dingana

One will think that the traditional rights of the Mankon people known as "stoning" a new Fon actually means raining stones on him but this is far from it.

During the "Nikwi" which is the official mourning and naming of a new Fon, Tuesday June 7,2022, the population of Mankon village and beyond came out in their numbers to perform the traditional rights of "stoning" at the Fon which in essence is empowering him spiritually, physically among others.

Mothers Of Mankon Mourning The Passing Away Of Their Fon

Many ran behind the Fon just to make sure they performed the traditional rights which permits them to throw pebbles at him which also indicates that they have accepted him.

After receiving much of it, the Fon like a Lion retreated to the inner chambers of the palace on top speed and as his subjects followed him with some crashing to the ground.

The Nikwi was a rare moment for the population to savour what their parents, grand and great grand parents were served more than 60 years ago.

Not Even The Rains Could Stop Them From Receiving Their Fon

The colorful attires, happy faces amongst others are clear indications that the the eroko tree has been reinstated in the Mankon Fondom.
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