North West Region: Why Thousands Of Pupils Are Without Birth Certificate

Joined Celebration Of 11 African Day Of Decentralization And 5th African Day Of Civil Status Registration In Bamenda

By Raymond Dingana

The North West Regional Chief of the National Bureau of Civil Status known in it's French acronym as BUNEC, Levi Fongen Neba says the current socio political crisis ravaging the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon is the reason why close to 60.320 (Sixty thousand, three hundred and twenty) Pupils are without birth certificates in the region. 

BUNEC Regional Boss, Levi Fongen Neba Facing The Press After The Event

The BUNEC boss for the region revealed the statistics Wednesday 10 August 2022 during the 11 African Day of Decentralization and Local Developement and the 5th African Day of Civil Status Registration in Bamenda.
Sixty thousand, three hundred and sixty pupils are schooling without birth certificates. This situation is really disturbing and this is due to the fact that most of them fled their homes because of insecurity, Levi intimated.
As a way to arrest the situation, the regional boss of BUNEC said they are working with all the stakeholders of civil status notable at the level of the Councils, Juctice and Health with Non Governmental Organizations not left out.
We are advocating for the verious courts to understand and help the children have birth certificates. Many of them will soon be writing the First School Living Certificate examination which cannot be done without the birth certificate, he indicated.
Many have described the process of obtaining a civil status document especially birth certificates in the region as combasom.

Talking to, a family head who voted to be addressed as Chia Walter narrated what he went through when he wanted to establish birth certificates for his children,
The hospital birth certificates got burnt in my house in Belo when in military uniforms came visiting. I had no choice but to establish new ones. An NGO wanted to help. This didn't work because my son had already established a national identity card and the NGO wanted to change his place of birth which i rejected.
Chia said and added that,
I went to the courts for a declaratory judgement and a lawyer demanded for FCFA 90.000 for three birth certificates. I was stranded and it took me time to establish the documents which I finally did at a cheaper rate when I heard the Belo council had moved to Bamenda. It was not easy on me.
Chai's ordeal is just one of the many untold stories people go through to establish civil status documents especially birth certificates.

Officials At The Event

With the crisis refusing to subside in the region, with many homes still going up in flames along side civil status documents, fears are high that many pupils will continue to go without birth certificates for as long as the crisis persists.


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