For Treating Civillians With Disdain,Military Commander Humiliates Soldiers, Orders Immediate Dismantling Of Security Barricades

File Photo:  Akum Security Checkpoint At The Entrance To Bamenda

By Raymond Dingana

A senior military official who travelers were able to identify as the Commander of the 5th Military Region, Gen. Bouba Dobekreo recently odered for an immediate dismantling of security barricades at a security checkpoint at the entrance into Bamenda, chief town of the North West Region of Cameroon.

Talking to, a passenger who simply identified himself as Che said it was rainy yet uniform officers at the Akum checkpoint forced travelers out of their vehicles to present their National Identity Cards.
It was rainy yet we were asked to step out of our vehicles and present ourselves. They had their rain coats on but didn't pity us.
Che said before recounting that, 
Unfortunately for them, the convoy of the senior military official was returning from Yaounde.

On noticing this, the General he continued, 
became furius and asked why civilians were being treated like that. 
Our source said the soldiers argued they never asked passengers to step out of their vehicles.

The explanations from the uniform men at the Akum security checkpoint, our source said apparently didn't appear convincing to the Army General. 

He is reported to have asked for the tyres and other items placed on the road to be cleared and it was done with immediate effect.

Passengers we gathered, laughed as the soldiers went carrying the tyres and throwing them in to the nearby bush.

In less than no time, the road was cleared.The General told them never to treat passengers in such manner, Che explained.

We have since gathered that the checking mechanism at the said security post has witnessed a slight change. 

At press time, the tyres that were hitherto on the road were nowhere to be found. 

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