OPIC Not Out To Police Councils As It's Being Rumoured -Tamfu Simon Fai

Public Independent Conciliator North West Region, Tamfu Simon Fai Welcoming Participants

By Raymond Dingana

While opening a two-day seminar on Rights, Duties and Ethical Compliance In Regional Council Functioning, the Public Independent Conciliator (PIC) for the Nerth West, Tamfu Simon Fai emphasized on the mission of the institution.

This came after it's been rumoured that the Office of the PIC has come to police council's causing the PIC to reiterate why the institution was created:
"while rectifying the already misconception that the PIC has come to police councils which I have been hearing, permit me reiterate here that the PIC has only three roles which are the role of Pacificator, Watchdog, and Advocate of councils. Focusing on the watchdog role which others see as the policing role will simply dilute the other very key roles of pacificator and advocate if councils," said Tamfu Fai.
Tamfu Simon Fai did not cease to salut the collaboration his office is enjoying form some councils in the region.

He appreciated them for always answering present to handle matters concerning them encouraging them never to hesitate to respond to invitations from his office saying they too have the right their own side of the story.
"With your cooperation, we have treated over 90% of the 62 written complaints received so far with a success rate exceeding our expectations. Together we have reached amicable agreements which some of you are already implementing. The satisfaction of your people is fertilizer to the ground non which sustainable peace shall thrive in our community," he added.
Participants who are Mayors and their representatives where schooled on the Generalities on Rights and Duties in Council Functioning by Ndi Nelson Ngayinfu, Research Officer, office of PIC.
He told the mayors that: "the mandate of the office of the PIC is limited to promoting and defending the rights and freedoms in the relationship between councils and users of their services, he explained before adding that, there are other elements of human rights that doesn't fall under the competence of the PIC that should be directed to the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms(NCHRF)."
Non - Discrimination and Mainstreaming Inclusiveness in Council Functioning was by Nina Ambuban.

Nina Ambuban At The Seminar

Dr. Alfred Wuku Kudi Empowered participants on Citizens Participation: a right and a duty.



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