At Biya's Ruby Jubilee, Hon. Awuta Requests For Momo Ring Road, Others

Hon. Awuta Philip Of Momo West Constituency

By Raymond Dingana

The 40th anniversary celebrations of President Paul Biya's assession to power has been described by many as an event that gave the impression that all is well in Cameroon.

This is not the case as reports from the seven Divisions of the North West Region say road infrastructure, health facilities, peace amongst others are crying for mercy.

During celebrations to mark 40 years of Paul Biya's rise to power, the member of Parliament for Momo West, a constituency made up of Njikwa, Ngie and Widikum, Hon. Awuta Philip used Paul Biya's 40th anniversary celebrations to appeal for better infrastructure for his people:

"we need a Momo ring road which passes through Mbingwi, Acha, Njikwa, Ngie, Widikum to Menka. There is a multi billion oil mill project in Tezie-Ngie which will be wasted if a good road fails to see the light of day. The coming of the Momo ring road will facilitate the evacuation of oil from the mill," Hon. Awuta explained.
The electrification of Njikwa and other areas in the Momo West constituency is also an area where the Member of Parliament said should not be ignored:
"Njikwa is the only Sub Division that has not been electrified and it was high time the area enjoyed electricity. If we are talking about developement, the entire Momo should be developed."
The member of Parliament identified the activities of separatist fighters operating in Momo as a stumbling block to the upliftment of the place and made the following appeal to them:
" I am appealing to our brothers in the bushes. Please we are far back in terms of developement, we are the most enclaved,let us embrace the developement that has come out way. It is true we are going through turbulent times but the biggest fishes are caught when the waters are rough."
Despite the developement challenges steering Momo to her face, there are some developemental projects that have been realized that Momo Division continue to salute despite why the entire Momo jointly celebrated Biya's Ruby Jubilee.


Unknown said…
Awuta, who are you trying to fool?? You were still running around and bathing naked in the rain when Biya made the first promise of a first ring road. Where is that road till date.

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