At visit to Bamenda: Water and Energy Minister Feels Pinch Of Poor Electricity, Water Supply In City

Minister Of Water And Energy Resources, Gaston Eloundou Essomba Laying The Foundation Stone For Gas Plant

By Raymond Dingana

The Minister of Water and Energy Resources (MINEE), Gaston Eloundou Essomba on Friday November 5 felt a pinch of the challenges inhabitants of Bamenda and the North West Region as a whole go through daily regarding electricity supply.

During his visit to Bamenda to precide over the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the Bamenda Filling Center on November 5,2022, Minister Gaston Eloundou was welcomed by total electricity blackout.

Mayor Achobang Paul Tambeng of Bamenda City Council used the event to present what many say is the real picture of the difficulties the  population of Bamenda and the entire North West Region of Cameroon is facing on a daily basis in the area of water and energy.
"we want to apologise that you came in when there was total blackout but that is the lifestyle we experience in Bamenda on a daily basis.It was not just blackout on your arrival but a divine arrangement so that you can experience what we go through," Paul Achobang told the minister in his welcome address at the ceremony.

Mayor Paul Achobang Of The Bamenda City Council At The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

In the city of Bamenda, the Municipal Authority said, when it comes to water and energy sectors, no one is spared including the He also made minister Gaston Eloundou to understand that when it comes to water and energy difficulties, not only the common man is facing it:
"we have made public calls to go fetch water in buckets to take to the governor's house especially during the dry season when the water crisis is always at it's apex. That is why we are previlegde to present to you a project construct a reservoir in Bamenda I Sub Division," Achobang explained.
The reason behind the choice of Bamenda to host the the FCFA 5Billion which authorites say will generate 1000 direct and indirect jobs, fight against climate change and deforestation, fraud amongst others was explained by Minister Gaston Eloundou Essomba:
"Bamenda has an estimated population of about 2 million inhabitants which is responsible for the economic boom Bamenda and the region is enjoying. Bamenda covers an area of 17300 m². The number of learning facilities has also attracted thousands of young persons from home and abroad,"said the minister.
No More Gas Shortage, Price Hikes

According to Minister Essomba, the gas shortage and price hikes Bamenda is experiencing will soon be history with the coming of the gas plant. Bamenda the Minister noted has a huge market but suffers from shortage and price hikes orchastrated by middle men who buy from Bafoussam, West Region of Cameroon.
"Domestic Cooking Gas is a basic necessity and the cities of Yaounde and Douala accounts for 80% of domestic cooking gas. Therefore it was essential to construct gas filling centers in Bamenda and other regions and Bamenda was prioritized."
The minister also invited the population to be the number one security for the project so that it can be done on record time and serve the purpose it was designed for.

Cross Section Of Population At The Event

On his part, the General Manager of the Hydrocarbon Stabilization Fund, Okie Johnson Ndoh said the gas plant project expected to be completed in 24 months is one of its kind,

"The plant will be automatic and modern that will permit us treat more than 1000 gas bottles a day, a clinic to take care of the health of the workers, a play ground for relaxation, two weighing stations to combat fraud and all gas bottles that come in and go out will be seriously checked,"
Okie pointed out.
The Bamenda domestic cooking gas plant has also been described as a friend to the environment. 

According to the President of the Regional Assembly Fru Angwafo, the plant will reduced the number of trees that are fell on a daily basis for firewood which he indicated destroys the Ozone Layer amongst other attacks on the environment.

Fon Forchesiri III Of Bamendankwe Village Performing Traditional Blessings On The Project

As the population highly awaits the completion of the Bamenda filling center, there are doubts as to whether the project will actually see the light of day. 

Those who are weary with promises point to the Bamenda Babadjou road, the Referral Hospital and others whose foundation stones were laid many years ago but the projects ended just with the ceremonious laying of the foundation stones.



Great report bro. Nice capture of the event. We hope that this other foundation stone 🪨 will not die like others.

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