Bamenda: Population In Shock As Killed ELECAM Officials Are Replaced After


Yufela Gilbert (LEFT),John Fai  (RIGHT)

By Raymond Dingana

An atmosphere of astonishment is the order of the day in Bamenda, chief town of the restive North West region of Cameroon following what many say was the immediate replacement of two officials of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) incharge of elections in Cameroon killed within 48 Hours in Bamenda.

This was after a decision signed by the Director General of ELECAM, Essousse Erik dated 19 January 2023 replacing the killed ELECAM members of staff.

Khaiy John Fai who was the Momo Divisional Delegate of ELECAM killed by an angry mob in the morning early Thursday January 19, 2023 was replaced same day by Madam Sirri Hilda Ade according the the decision signed by the Director General of ELECAM.

John Fai was administered mob justice when a suspected theif caught at the New Road neighbourhood in Bamenda gave his name as an accomplice.

Fai was attacked without given time to speak. He died in a health facility from wounds he sustained from the beatings.

Yufela Gilbert Teteng gunned down by armed men around his residence at the Foncha neighbourhood in Bamenda on Tuesday January 17,2023 at about 8pm was replaced about 48 hours after his death.

Yufela Gilbert (ELECAM Official Jakiri) Killed In Bamenda,Tuesday January 17,2023

Though many say the vacant positions they left behind had to be occupied for work to continue given that the senatorial election is in March 2023, there are those who think that it was too early.

If my arithmetic is anything to go by, I think it's just about 48 hours after the two ELECAM workers were exterminated. Why rushed to replace them when they are still in the mortuary. How will their families feel?

asked a resident of Nkwen who only wanted to be identified as Lemfon.

Tenguh Wally told drayinfos that he was very worried when he learned that his neighbour in his former quarter at New Road Nkwen who died a painful death in the morning period of Thursday January 19 was replaced same day in the evening.

Why not even pretend that the appointments were on interim basis? It could have been better. Replacing him just like that is clear indication that human lives have lost value in Cameroon.

It is worth recalling that Yufela Gilbert Teteng was shot dead Tuesday evening at the Foncha neighbourhood in Nkwen at about 8pm.

John Fai was administered jungle justice when a suspected theif under serious beatings gave his name as one of those who usually buy stollen items from them. 

Khaiy John Fai (ELECAM Official, Momo) Killed In Bamenda,19 January 2023

Without giving him a listening ear, the angry mob pounced on Fai and gave him the beatings of his life. He would later died of his wounds in a health facility in Nkwen Bamenda.

The death of the two ELECAM officials came as Cameroonians prepare to vote new senators on March 12, 2023.

Given that time is not anyone's friend, a school of thought holds that it was necessary for the replacements to be done without any delay in order to ensure continuity and prepare for the elections.


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