Crime: Traditional Leader,Others Killed In Menchum

Chief Mathias Chi Eweh

By Raymond Dingana

Chief Mathias Chi Eweh,his son and four others have been killed by suspectedherdsmen in a farming community of Munkep,Fungom sub division, Menchum Division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

The armed herdsmen said to have come in from Nigeria reportedly stormed the area and carried out the killings.

Though it is not clear what provocked the killings, we garthered from sources that this is not that first time herdsmen belief to be coming from neighboring Nigeria are staging cross-border attacks in that area.

Last year, many were killed when they protested that cattle belonging to herdsmen from Nigeria had encroached in to their farm lands and destroy their crops.

The Menchum authorities have not made any official statement.


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