MITANYEN BOD's President Says Membership Swelling Because Of Inrivaled Services

BODs Of MitaCCUL, Muluh Stanly

By Raymond Dingana

The President of the Board Of Directors (BODs) of the MITANYEN Cooperative Credit Union (MitaCCUL) has attributed the leap in membership from 11,710 2020 to more than 13000 members in 2022 to the mouth-watering interest rates on Shares and Savings amongst other advantages.

Members Attending MetaCCUL's AGM

Muluh Stanly was speaking Saturday January 12,2023 during MitaCCUL's combined 21 and 22 Annual General Meetings (AGM) that held at the conference room of the financial institution at Sonac Street in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon. 

The interest rates on shares is 5% and that on savings is 4%. We are working on moving our services to every mobile device. We are developing a mobile banking application that can be downloaded and use to become a member.

 Muluh said before continuing that,

This App will permit members cary out minimum services that are provided by MitaCCUL. The App will permit members transfer money to their mobile money accounts among other services. 

He also saluted the work of MitaCCUL's Cash Hubs that are doted everywhere in Bamenda.

He said many have fallen in love with MitaCCUL because of the less stress they go through when carrying financial transactions.

Members Of MetaCCUL At The AGM

To ensure that people's money is not tampered with, it was also revealed at the AGM that security has been stepped up at all the branches of the Credit Union.

Board members of MitaCCUL also came up with new strategies to tackle Loan delinquency which is a problem faced by credit unions. 

The AGM also saw the beginning of the Face Out program which the president said has been put in place.

Two board members who have wrapped up their mandates were replaced, a move it was revealed will go on progressively in order to inject new members to quarantee continuity.

The staff strength for the Bamenda branch of MitaCCUL also move from 50 in 2020 to 61 in 2022.

The Bamenda branch of MITANYEN Cooperative Union which also means "Pinyin Market" was midwifed on the 16 of january 2000.

It has as motor: MitaCCUL, Your Reliable Financial Partner.

It should be noted despite the prevailing socio-political crisis disturbing the two english speaking regions of Cameroon, MitaCCUL has been battling to see in to that her members continue to feel comfortable. 

Photo Credit: GPmEDIA

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