Bafut: Smile Educational Foundation Fortifies Kids For Back To School With Didactics,Others


By Raymond Dingana

Ever since the the Anglophone Crisis metamorphosed in to a deadly arm conflict, one of it's biggest casualties has been the education sector. This explains why year year out, Non governmental organizations have not only been crusading for the rights to education to be respected by all, they have also be supporting learners with back to school needs.

This was the case in Nsoh Bafut where Smile Educational Foundation (SEF) put smiles on the faces of learners and parents with school material. 

English, Arithmetic and French textbooks, exercise books, school bags, pens, pencils, rulers, just to name but these were handed to over 100 school children, Saturday September 2,2023 in Nsoh Bafut.

Smile Educational Foundation also facilitated the teaching process of four schools by donating didactics, Food stuff to energize the children as they go to school was also donated.

First Deputy Mayor Bafut Council, Mariam Lum Chesi Handing Over Didactics To Schools

The beneficiaries came from Mankah Nikong, Nsoh and Mbebili all in Bafut Sub Division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

SEF Director, Chesi Chenwi Afanwi 

According to the Director of SEF, Chesi Afanwi Chenwi, the decision to support education in Bafut came as a result of the fact that they realized the difficulties parents and guardians are facing to educate their children especially in the context of the Anglophone Crisis which has brought untold sufferings on them.

"SEF is in Bafut to support education because of the unspeakable level of hardship parents are going through triggered by the Anglophone Crisis. We took upon ourselves to assist them and take away the load on sending kids back to school so that they can take care of the other aspects of their up bringing. We don't want any child to stay behind when schools resume because of lack of books," 

Chesi indicated.

One of those who accompanied the SEF team to Bafut was the First Deputy Mayor of the Bafut Council, Mariam Lum Chesi who invited the beneficiaries to make good use of the items received.

" The parents should encourage children to go to school and follow up the kids so that they can make good use of the school needs we have brought. They should also see in to it that the children don't go wayward,

 she said and continued that 

we have also brought food items given that a child cannot study on an empty stomach."

Parents Thank Smile Educational Foundation (SEF) For Aiding Them

Bibiana Ngum is a grandmother with three grandchildren looking up to her for their education. She thanked SEF for the donations saying:

First Deputy Mayor Bafut Council, Mariam Lum Chesi

"I can't remember when I actually saw children going to school with text books in Bafut. Today SEF has made that possible by donating three text books each to the children. I didn't know how my children were going to attend school this year. My mind is now at ease and I am very happy for the support. They also came with food for the children, we will ensure the kids are better persons tomorrow."

Given that education is a fundamental human rights that must be respected, SEF has taken upon itself to answer present when ever the need arises as far as Children's education is concerned.

Insecurity activated by the Anglophone Crisis has caused many schools remained closed and abandoned in the bushes, countless learners and teachers have fled to other regions where they can barely feed not to talk of going to school.

The situation is gradually returning to normal as some of the learning institutions that have not functioned for close to six years are set to resume for the acedemic year 2023/2024.

One Of The Beneficiaries Set For School

With support from SEF, the Bafut Council, and others especially inhabitants of Bafut and traditional authorities,  hopes are high that education will flourish this acedemic year in the area.

SEF is a non for profit organization with focus to empower children and communities through education. SEF also support widows and believe that one can secure the future of a nation by educating just a child.

+237 676238865


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