Bamenda III Population Saves Council Building From Arsonists After Attack On Hall

Bamenda III Council Hall On Fire

By Raymond Dingana

Users of council services in Bamenda have saluted  denizens of the Bamenda III Council area for acting promptly to arrest a fire outbreak that could have reduced the structure to ashes if they did not intervene and on time.

Breaking Saturday September 30th,2023, fire erupted at the Bamenda III Council Hall after gunshots were heard for a long time.

According to witnesses, the attackers came on motor bikes and started shooting before setting the hall on fire. The story would have been different if the population didn't intervene.

"If not of the population, the council building would have gone down entirely. They emptied themselves to the council premise and successfully overpowered the flames,"

 Tanwie, a native of Nkwen told drayinfos.

He added that though no one has claimed responsibility, accusing fingers are pointing at those who have not been comfortable with the successes of the council.

The Bamenda III Council is not the only council that has been targeted by arsonists in the North West Region. 

Nkum Council in Tatum, Bui Division was razed by suspected separatist fighters on Friday July 14, 2023.

Council officials have also lost their lifes and property as a result of the war disturbing lifes and property in the two restive regions of Cameroon.

On Monday October 27,2022, armed men suspected to be separatist fighters attacked and burnt down the residence of the Mayor of Wum council in Menchum Division, Dighambong Anthony.

Mayor Dighambong Anthony's Residence, Burnt Down By Arsonists

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