Bamenyam Inhabitants Block Roads, Demand Release Of Kidnapped Girls

Stranded Vehicles At Bamenyam, West Region Of Cameroon 

By Raymond Dingana

The road linking Bamenyam in the West Region of Cameroon with Bali Gashu, Bali Kumbat, Bali Gansi, Awing all in the crisis hit North West Region of the country is yet to be reopened after members of the village vigilante community mounted roadblocks protesting the kidnapping of villagers.

According to TFY News, two girls were abducted on Sunday September 3,2023 by unidentified individuals with accusing fingers pointing at suspected separatist fighters.

This didn't go do down well with the population of that area who alongside the village vigilante (anti gang) blocked the roads saying only the release of the victims would give them reason to reopen the roads.

At press time, witnesses say learners who were supposed to have resumed classes out of the North West Region were still held in Bamenyam village.

Administrative Authorities At The Scene To Try And Ease Tensions

Among those affected by the roadblocks are nursing mothers and the elderly.

"Not even the intervention of the Senior Divisional Officer for Bambotous could change their minds as they are bent on not going back to th to their decision until the kidnapped girls regain their freedom,"

 indicated a source.

Separatist Fighters fighting to create a country they call Ambazonia have on countless occasions hit villages in the West Region in areas like Babadjou, Njitapong all in the  West Region of Cameroon and the list is long.

Many soldiers and some civilians lost their lives in the attacks.


The Anglophone Crisis has killed thousands on all sides, economic activities have also been greatly affected.

Hundreds,if not thousands have disappeared with family members unaware of their where about, thousands more are refugees in Nigeria and other countries.

While some especially those in government circles still believe that only the barrel of the guns would put an end to the stalemate, there are those who still think a genuine dialogue is needed for the killings and destructions to come to an end.

Photo Credit: TYF News

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