CAMASEJ Unites With LOYOC To Achieve Sustainable Growth In Cameroon


Achaleke Christian Leke, And Jude Viban During the Signing of the MoU

By Raymond Dingana

In a bid to contribute her own little quarter to  sustainable development, and peace in Cameroon, the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists CAMASEJ signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with Local Youth Corner, LOYOC, a non governmental organization NGO.

The MoU signed January 29 in Cameroon's capital Yaounde will last for four years with the possibility of renewal.

Part of a joint statement from the two peace and development oriented entities reads:

"The agreement, which is non-binding at law, affirms the intention of CAMASEJ and LOYOC to collaborate locally with a focus on achieving sustainable development in Cameroon, and will last for four years with the possibility of renewal."

CAMASEJ and LOYOC indicated in the press statement that they shall jointly work towards gaining peace and prosperity in Cameroon through collaborative project design and implementation as well as staff exchanges.

CAMASEJ National President Jude Viban explained the fruitfulness of the MoU.

"we are still very new in the domains of project sourcing and project implementation. Luckily for us we have found an organization that has been able to embrace us so that we could build that bridge. We didn't hesitate because we know that those are the things that are going to be sustainable,and push the agenda of CAMASEJ ahead,"

 Viban said and added that 

"If  we want to improve on the professional lives of our members, we must be able to source and implement projects that are life changing. This can be achieved by finding the expert knowledge elsewhere ,and we thought that signing this partnership is going to help us bring to the table what we know best while LOYOC is also going to bring to the table what they do best for the betterment of all."

On his part, Achaleke Christian Leke, Executive Director of LOYOC, said he is convinced that the MoU will drive growth for both organisations.

"we see the media as a very strategic partner when it comes to development. As an association, there is need to work with others who master other dimensions in terms of how to communicate effectively, and how to fact check information."
He furthered that they also felt it was important because this is the moment where hate speech and misinformation is rising, and as an organization that is working around this:

"we felt this partnership would be a mutual platform to share ideas on how to fight hate speech and xenophobic in our own context. We hope other journalist would rally behind this idea so that we can be able to drive tangible change in our country."

Said Achaleke. 

Both organisations also maintained that none of them is expected to generate any direct profit from this MoU.

About LOYOC: LOYOC is a leading youth-led, non-profit, and non-governmental organisation created in 2002 to respond to the increase in the socio-political and economic challenges facing young people, such as unemployment, bad governance, gender-based violence, lack of quality education, poverty, corruption, the poor social justice system, and exclusion in the decision-making processes, which serve as push and pull factors to youth radicalisation, involvement in crime, violence, and conflict with the law.

CAMASEJ on its part is a not-for-profit socio-professional association that brings together journalists in Cameroon practising essentially in English. Created in 1992, the association aims at building a strong network that can help journalists improve on their trade, and protect them whenever and wherever need be.

The association develops and implements projects to better the well-being and productivity of its members and journalists across Cameroon. These projects are run by a group of independent experts who are recruited with competence in project and financial management, monitoring and evaluation as well as operations.

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