ICT University Honours Superb APP Developers,Others


Award Winning Students, Others In A Family Photo 

By Raymond Dingana 

Renowned and award winning higher institution of learning, ICT University has celebrated some of her best Program Applications Developers for their contributions to growth, Wednesday 17th January 2024 at the school campus in Yaounde.

The celebrated students stood out at the just ended Forum for the Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship known by its French acronym SIMPROME. 

Among those who were recognized at the event was Nguena Zebs who developed an application known as 'Hustlin' geared towards assisting visually impaired students  in their studies especially in the area of Information and Communication Technology, ICT.

"We came up with this application because we noticed that so many visually impaired students abandoned studies because of the difficulties in following up lessons. So we are creating this application so that it will help them follow up lessons and not give up on them," 

said the Hustlin founder.

Prof Jean Emmanuel Handing Award To One Of The Laureates

Another Laureate, Anzia Juvis who developed an application known as IntelliBra that is an ultrasound technology for the detection of early breast cancer was another person being honoured.

She said: 

"We are aware of the ravaging effects of breast cancer. So this app is to help women detect breast cancer in its early stages so that it can be treated with ease."

Presiding over the event, the Vice Chancellor of  ICT University, Prof Jean Emmanuel Pondi, saluted the exploits of the students and for winning big. He said the awards are setting the stage for future attainment.

Prof Emmanuel Pondi intimated that the grabbing of these awards by students of the ICT University is a testament to the ambition and vision of the institution to stand tall in contributing to national development.

"The awards just come to prove the great work we are doing here to train young Cameroonians in the domain of technology."

ICT University Thanks Media For Fruitful Partnership 

The event also presented an opportunity for the ICT University to wish a happy new year to its media partners.

The  institution thanked the media for fruitful collaboration with the institution and expressed the wish to continue in a win-win partnership.

The Vice Chancellor of the ICT University, Prof Emmanuel Pondi, saluted the Media for playing a massive role for the growth of the school. 

"We want to use this opportunity to thank our press partners for always being by us in our events. We don’t hide our things because we like the world to know what we are doing, and thanks to the press we are able to achieve that. So we want to continue working with them as we continue to contribute in our own little way to the technological development of Cameroon,

Pondi remarked.

Other highlights of the event included the installation of the student government for the year 2024. During the commissioning, the student body was charged to build leadership skills that will be of great help to them in some years to come.

Prof Jean Emmanuel Handing Award To One Of The Laureates

There was also the presentation of the Mr and Miss ICT University 2024, and presentation of the special prize won by the Founder of the University, Prof Victor Mbarika for his distinct contribution to the growth of Africa.


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