NtaCCUL's Enticing Services Attracting New Members To Join

NtaCCUL President Fru Isaac Taku (L) NtaCCUL GM (R)

By Raymond Dingana 

Membership in to the Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union LTD NtaCCUL has continued to grow thanks to the advantages at the disposal of members, Mr.Fru Isaac Taku, Board President of NtaCCUL said Sunday January 28 during the Annual General Meeting of the financial institution.

He added that nine thousand, six hundred and thirty three new members fell in love with NtaCCUL and secured their membership in 2023, thereby increasing the total membership to ninety two thousand, two hundred and ten members as at December 31,2023, scoring a growth rate of 12%.

"Because we pay interest on savings at 6%, everyone wants to be a member of NtaCCUL, every body wants to save.We are developing the culture of savings, and when they do, we fortify the money, get interest for those who loan and pay interest to those who save the money,"
 said the president who added that 

"even if our grandmothers working in their farms receive money in their phones  say from their children from any part of the country, they can sand the money to their accounts at the credit union without going there. They can also consult their accounts and send money to others from their accounts using their phones."

He furthered that these services and more are like magnets, pulling members to the credit union.

NtaCCUL's Board President, Fru Issac Taku Facing The Press After The AGM

Faced with stiff competition, Mr. Isaac said they are strategizing to remain on top.

"We are doing all to take our services to the doorsteps of members. Last week we launched the building for the Yaounde-Melleng Branch, we are opening a branch in Ngaoundere, and we intend to open a branch in Buea to serve members of other branches. We are also developing our digital tools so that any phone owner can be able to carryout services from remote areas,"
said Mr. Isaac.

Corroborating what the President said, NtaCCUL's General Manager,  Ade Muma Divine, intimated that they have installed Automatic Teller Machines ATM in all their branches. 

He also indicated that the USSD platform is already operational and they are doing all to complete the digitalization process of NtaCCUL this 2024 so that about 70% of members should be able to carryout transactions from their mobile phones.

NtaCCUL's General Manager Ade Muma Divine, General After the AGM

It was also revealed at NtaCCUL's AGM that the credit union is planning to install SISCO Firewall in all branches to protect transactions from hackers and scammers

Another information considered by members as good news for the institution is the drop in loan delinquency from the 24.8% recorded at the close of 2022 to 21.25% as at 32 December 2023.

This was done thanks to the efforts of the Loan Recovery Task Force and the entire management team who also promise to do more in order to reach the required COBAC rate of 10% by intensifying the recovery drive, and dragging recalcitrant cases to court.

NtaCCUL's Members At The AGM 

Birthed in 1972, NtaCCUL clocked 50 years in 2022, and has been working to improve the lives of Cameroonians, ensure growth and sustainability, amongst others.

The credit union plans to celebrate her Golden Jubilee come 16 Match 2024. The event will also see the official launching of the union's APP and USSD platform that went operational in December 2023.

NtaCCUL has also contributed to bringing unemployment under check by recruiting 170 persons on a regular basis.


For any inquiries, call or WhatsApp us on 676238865


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