Public Health: Adolescent Wellness Center Goes Operational At Regional Hospital Bamenda


Dr. Denis Nsame Cutting The Ribbon Of The AWC

By Raymond Dingana 

The Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda, Dr. Denis Nsame has invited young persons to make judicious use of the newly created Adolescent Wellness Center (AWC) in Bamenda.

The center is dedicated to fostering the overall health and well-being of adolescent (10 and 19 years), and young adults (20+24 years) in the North West Region.

Dr. Nsame was speaking Saturday January 27 as he launched the center that has come to curb adolescent health issues like stress, mental health concerns, nutrition deficiencies, violence, injury, sexual and reproductive health issues not leaving out substance abuse.

Dr. Denis Nsame Speaking At The Launching Of AWC

According to the Director, adolescent health has been relegated to the background, something he and his team are trying to reverse.

"We have noticed that adolescence is a neglected area in public health, and especially in the Regional Hospital, we didn't have a center where we can address challenges of adolescence. Adolescence has a lot of problems because they are in the transition age, some have psychological , physical, and mental health issues, deviant behaviors, some are facing challenges of drug abuse, some have nutritional abuse, and sexual education,"

 explained the director.

Given that the center is situated in Bamenda, and there are many clients out of the town in need of such services, Dr. Nsame said,

"We are going to discuss again with the Regional Delegate of Public Health to see how other centers could be created in other health districts to serve the population."

Taking in to consideration the fact that many would not want to come to the center for fear that their stories would end up animating discussions in the quarters, the chief of service/Paediatrician of the AWC, Dr. Fomenky insisted that

"It's an adolescent friendly center, non judgemental, and we have experts that will be working with the children and everything has been put in place to ensure confidentiality for the children, and the parents as well. The center is home away from home."


Dr. Fomenky Facing The Press 

Young Persons Appreciate Birth Of Adolescent Wellness Center

Young persons are already celebrating the coming of the Adolescent Wellness Center AWC saying its creation is timely given that thousands of young people in the region are grappling with one challenge of the order.

Cross Section Of Population At The Launch

According to Leku Veronica, a level 300 midwife student in one of the private nursing schools in Bamenda, the center will be of great help to young persons like her,

" The center will help us handle those issues we find it difficult telling others, and since they have promised us that confidentiality will be taken seriously, we can start tabling our problems for help to come our way," 

said Leku.

As far as the daily program of activities is concerned, Mixed activities and Counseling are on Tuesdays, Consultations and Counseling on Wednesdays, Preconception care/sexual and reproductive health talks/counseling on Thursdays, Substance abuse/Counseling on Fridays and on Saturdays, the center would be offering After school club activities for children with learning difficulties, emotional intelligence training, sexual and reproductive health sessions amongst others. There shall be Parenting workshop with parents every Third Saturday of every month.

Family Photo 

The team manning the activities of the center is praying that no adolescent should suffer again especially as there is a home away from home to fix what ever situation they find themselves in.

Dr. Kan Kate Talking On Who Is An Adolescent 

Dr. Mbi Vanessa Lecturing On Expectations From Adolescents

Dr. Noella Ngwanyama On Objective Of The AWC 

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