CANAMEDCAM Members Strategize To Save Medicinal Plants From Extinction

CANAMEDCAM Exco Members In A Family Photo 

By Raymond Dingana 

Members of Commonwealth Association of Natural Medicine Cameroon, CANAMEDCAM have resolved amongst others to save natural medicinal plants from extinction in the nearest future.

They decried the abusive manner in which these life saving plants are being harvested with very little effort applied to replant them, and ensure that they serve future generations.

This was one of the decisions taken during the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of CANAMEDCAM that held in Bamenda, Sunday February 4 2024.

" We have come to realize that medicinal plants are being harvested just anyhow without replanting. If things continue like this, we would not have these healing plants in future. To prevent them from disappearing for good, we are encouraging those envolved in this sector to endeavor to replant them even in our compounds, and not only in the forest," 

said Ngwang Happy-Sylvie Kilaa Tatah,Vice National President, CANAMEDCAM.

Ngwang Happy-Sylvie Kilaa Tatah,Vice National President, CANAMEDCAM.

Another bone of contention during the NEC meeting was what they termed charlatanism. Members lashed out at those using other people's brand names and selling medicine in transport buses.

"Charlatanism is rampant in Cameroon where people are impersonating naturopaths, fooling the population with fake products just to make money. Even registered members of CANAMEDCAM who have gone wayward, by not respecting laid down roles of the association are also considered as charlatans," 

said Dr. Kunchu Walder, Vice Secretary at the National bureau of the association.

The executive body of CANAMEDCAM also disclosed that they would do all to improve on branding themselves, take hygiene and sanitation seriously, refer clients to where they can better get treated, and also see in to it that regional branches of the association function well.

CANAMEDCAM Exco Members At The Meeting

It was also agreed at the come together that all members who received certificates and disappeared in to thin air would see their documents withdrawn from them until they prove that they are serious.

According to the National President of CANAMEDCAM, Dr. Tumenta Valentine Kuncha, being a traditional healer is not milk and honey. He however assured members that brighter days lie ahead and that they should be truthful in what they do, and not be like those dupping patients.

CANAMEDCAM National President, Dr. Tumenta Valentine Kuncha 

CANAMEDCAM Salutes Hard Work

One of the high moments of the day was the award of a certificate of excellence to the Secretary General of CANAMEDCAM, North West in the person of Maximus Kume Leinyuy. He was appreciated for his outstanding performance, service, hardwork and dedication as a member of the Commonwealth Association of Natural Medicine Cameroon CANAMEDCAM.

Dr. Tumenta Valentine Kuncha Handing Certificate To Maximus Kume Leinyuy.

Created on 14 June 2013, the Commonwealth Association of Natural Medicine Cameroon CANAMEDCAM has had as mission to sanitize the field of traditional medicine in Cameroon. The association also has as mission to carryout regular sensitization campaigns on the identification and use of medicinal plants, train specialists to cure diseases using medicinal plants and their extracts, encourage members and other people to cultivate herbs amongst others.

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