How Heavy Gunshots Caused Death Of Twin Babies In Bamenda

Picture Of Bamenda Used For Illustration 

By Raymond Dingana

Heavy gunshots that animated the town of Bamenda recently caused a pregnant woman to lose her twin babies in what family sources say were premature births.

It was on the night of last Saturday breaking Sunday, that this woman went in to labor pain after a stressful day at the Meta Quarter neighborhood in Bamenda, crisis battered North West Region of Cameroon.

Unfortunately for her, she could not be taken to the hospital because of deafening gunshots.

With the help of neighbors, the first child was delivered at home but could not make it, while the second child stayed in the womb and was only removed after the lady finally made it to the hospital hours later.

According to Makatinews, the woman was fortunate as medics were able to rescue her from the waiting hands of death after they had removed the second baby, already dead.

Many of such cases have gone unreported and many more still continues to happen, all because of the Anglophone crisis that went deadly in 2017 which is having a heavy toll on expectant mothers.

Many have died at home, while others have lost their babies since they could not make it to the hospital because of ghost town operations announced by separatist fighters, or because thunderous gunshots prevented them from accessing the hospital, and on time.

Society watches have not stopped blaming the powers that be for doing very little to arrest the situation that has caused the death of thousands, with many more displaced internally, not leaving out thousands that have been forced to flee to other countries.

Many have also been bedridden because of the crisis, some are unaccounted for while a good number is languishing in detention facilities.

A school of thought holds that the pain the population is facing is not ending any time soon until the crisis is arrested.

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