Neba Diamond Joins League Of Inventors, Creats Automatic Fire Alert System, Extinguisher

Ambe Diamond Presenting  The Automatic Fire Alert System and Fire Extinguisher 

By Raymond Dingana

Fire outbreaks have ravaged not only lives, but properties in Bamenda, and Cameroon as a whole. At times these fire incidents take many by surprise leaving the population helpless as they watch their livelihoods reduce to ashes.

Authorities too at times are helpless especially when the fire fighting units are absent or can't contain the infernos as fast as possible because of one reason or the other, perhaps because they still depend on the old ways to doing things.

Ambe Diamond

Today, Neba Diamond, a young form 5 student of Government Technical Bilingual High School Bamenda from the electronic department has come with a way out.

Haven seen how many have fallen from grace to grass after fire came visiting, he embarked on a journey to come up with what he describes as an "Automatic Fire Alert System and Fire Extinguisher" to detect and handle fire outbreaks in markets, schools, homes, amongst others.

"This system helps to prevent fire outbreaks, like the recent one at the Bamenda Main Market that destroyed close to 300 shops. If this system was there, it could have reduced the level of damage,"

Neba said as he presented the device during the school's Open Business Day recently.

"It also detects gas leakages at home. The device would trigger an alarm system, and also send an SMS to your phone through the cell number inbuilt in the device, informing you of what is happening so that you can take immediate action."

For fire outbreaks, Neba explained that:

"In case of a fire incident, the device will turn on the alarm system, and also turns on the sprinkler to control the flame, while informing you via SMS that there is a fire incident at home, market or other places,"

Neba  says the Automatic Fire Alert System and Fire Extinguisher can be used anywhere. He regretted that Bamenda and many other places in Cameroon lack devices like what he invented. He said if the Bamenda Main Market had something like this, it could have helped big time.

Neba's Automatic Fire Alert System and Fire Extinguisher 

With young persons now in to Solution Education, it's now left on the authorities to see how they can support ideas like Neba and take it to another level, rather than allow them rot in drawers.

A school of thought holds that, Neba's device shouldn't be taken lightly by the North West Regional authorities as if might just be the panacea to the numerous fire incidents in the region, and why not the country as a whole.

There are those who are already indicating that Neba should be awarded a scholarship to further his studies abroad.

The Sprinkler Sending Out Water That Quenches Fire

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