CNYC Supports Students In Tubah Ahead Of End-of-Year Exams

CNYC President In Tubah Handing Over Didactics To Students 

By Raymond Dingana

In the rural community of Tubah, Mezam Division, in Cameroon's crisis-affected Northwest Region, many students struggle to afford basic writing materials. 

As end-of-year exams approach, the stress and "examination fever" is palpable on the faces of these students.

To support these students, the Tubah chapter of the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC), led by its president Kouamo Arnaud, visited some of the affected students and provided them with writing materials. 

"Some of these students are really suffering because of the crisis in our region. It's important that we encourage them and let them know that we are praying for their success," 

said Kouamo.

 "We also told them that we are working to secure scholarships for those who excel in the exams."

Kouamo expressed gratitude to the Tubah Divisional Officer, Masango Metugue Narcise, for supporting this initiative. 

"I want to thank the DO of Tubah for his relentless efforts to ensure that children in our community have access to education. He has even hosted a learning institution in his office. I hope the local elites will follow his good example."

The armed conflict that has raged in Cameroon's Northwest and Southwest regions for nearly eight years has taken a heavy toll on education. Many schools in Tubah remain closed, and school dropout rates have surged due to the crisis and resulting poverty affecting households.

"Education stakeholders like the DO have always emphasized that the best gift we can give a child is a sound education,"
said Kouamo who added that this is why they are committed to this campaign to reopen the schools that have been shut since 2016 so learners can regain their classrooms.

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