Four Family Members Die Of Suspected Food Poisoning In Ikiliwindi


Sympathizers At The Hospital Where The Four Victims Were Pronounced Dead

By Raymond Dingana 

Security operatives have launched an investigation into the tragic deaths of a father and his three children in Ekiliwindi, a suburb of Kumba, Cameroon.

According to reports, the family of five had eaten Eru, a popular dish in the South West Region, on Wednesday, June 5th. Afterward, the father, Mr. Nfon, and three of his children - Nfon Francis, Nfon Delight, and Neba Endurance began complaining of severe stomach pains and were rushed to the Three Corners Ntam hospital. Sadly, despite the hospital's efforts, all four family members passed away. 

 The family's young son, recounted the incident, stating that the Eru had been prepared by their mother. He noted that the smell of the dish was not appropriate, and he had expressed concerns about its condition, but their father insisted the family eat it. The son abstained from the meal, but the others, who were very hungry, consumed the food.

While the official cause of death has not yet been determined, some community members suspect the food may have been poisoned, potentially from an external source while others think the poor state of the food caused their deads. 

The bodies of the four victims have been transferred to the Kumba regional hospital morgue as investigations continue.

Gendarmes are exploring all possibilities, including the theory that the soup may have spoiled. The surviving son's account indicates that the family had consumed the same dish for three days without any incident, raising questions about what may have led to the fatal outcome on the fourth day.

This tragic incident has shaken the Ekiliwindi community, and authorities have vowed to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of death and whether any criminal activity was involved.

Society watchers have also urged the population to be cautious about keeping chemicals used for crop spraying or other purposes in their kitchens, as some may be harmful to the human system if consumed, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

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