Ntambeng Cooperative Credit Union President Honored with Life Time Achievement Award

Mr Ndonwi Derick Shu Brandishing His Life Time Achievement Award 

By Raymond Dingana

The Life Time Media Group has recognized the efforts of Mr. Donwi Derick Shu, President of the Ntambeng Cooperative Credit Union,(NTAMCCUL) in the areas of Community Mobilization, Management, and Development in the North West Region of Cameroon and beyond. 

This award was presented at the Life Time Award for Nation Builders 2023/2024 ceremony held at a renowned hotel in Bamenda on Saturday, June 8, 2023.

After receiving his award, Mr. Ndonwi expressed his gratitude, stating that being recognized by the Life Time Media Group as a community mobilizer and developer is very significant to him.

"As President of Ntambeng, which had around 7,000 members when I was elected two years ago, I have been able to grow the membership to close to 30,000 members in just two years,"
said Ndonwi.

 "If you look at our balance sheet, which has grown from 1.1 billion to over 5 billion in the same period, you would realize that hard work truly pays off."

Mr. Ndonwi also noted that his work in community mobilization extends beyond his role at the credit union, which also captured the attention of the Life Time Media Group.

Mr Ndonwi Derick Facing The Press

He added that the award has further motivated him to continue working for the community, as that is where he derives true happiness.

This Life Time Achievement Award is the latest in a series of accolades Mr. Donwi has received for his dedicated community service.

In 2023,the credit union received awards from The Scoop, and The Voice Newspapers.


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