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FEHACU 2021: Persons With Disabilities Shock Many At Prize Award Ceremony

By Raymond Dingana Persons with Disabilities, PDWs have continued to prove that, disability is not inability. They made their mark ones again at the just ended Festival Heritage of Arts and Cultures FEHACU 2021 that rounded off Sunday November 29,2021 with a Thanks Given Service at the Nkwen Baptist Church in Bamenda. For two days, PWDs proved to the world that when it comes to talent exhibition, thinking about them in the background is a monumental error. They stood tall in Arts and Craft, traditional dances, beauty pageant contest among others and this earned them big during the prize award ceremony. Ijang Julienne took part in the FEHACU Beauty Pageant Contest and succeeded to send many of her fellow contestants out of the game thanks to her talents. Miss FEHACU Third Position Winner, Ijang Julienne With Her Crown At the end of the day, she emerged third to the satisfaction of many who had actually wanted her at the first position but the votes were not enough to take her there. Sh

FEHACU 2021: How Inclusive?

 By Raymond Dingana The question on whether the maiden edition of the Festival Heritage of Arts and Cultures organised by the Bamenda III Council under Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwie was inclusive is what has animated the event ever since it was launched. At first sight, one would think FEHACU 2021 was only for abled body men and women. However, after visiting the stands, that thought of the event not being inclusive started fading out as Persons With Disabilities, PWDs are powerfully represented.  In one of the stands seated a pretty young lady, fair in complexion by name Fonju Constance Efuet. She was busy marking the 'Toghu,' an out fit that has captured the world thanks to its beautiful colors that charm people making it difficult for them to resist buying one for themselves. Fonju Constance At The Maiden Edition Od FEHACU Seing my accreditation badge on me, she smiled as if she knew i had a soft spot for PWDs and was actually visiting her stand. "My name is Fonju Constance

PWDs Mesmerise Bamenda Population With Amazing Talents

By Raymond Dingana During celebrations to mark the 2020 edition of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities ,Thursday, PWDs otherwise known as persons with special abilities, showcased various talents such as craft, racing, football by Amputees amongst others that took the population spellbound. This gesture of theirs revealed to the population that, no matter their disability, they can practically exhibit any activity they so desire to do with the potentials and skills they have. The Strategic Center for Communication, Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development CESCOMPSUD, joined other CSOs in Bamenda to celebrate the day at the CBC School Field under the theme “Not all Disabilities are Visible.”   According to Fon Dieudonne, CEO of Think Big and also one of the organizers, people with disabilities should be given the chance to do  what they desire. "We want to encourage those with impairments to join us to project their talents and show the world they can do great

Persons Living With Disabilities Decry Restriction On Motor Bikes.

By  Raymond Dingana “ One of the problems we are already facing is the fact that, we are witnessing a hike in cost of transportation  because cab drivers have increased transport fare per drop in Bamenda  . It is double expenditure when a person with disability like me is forced to pay a cab to drop him at a certain location before boarding a bike in to the quarters. Where will the money come from , ? Bikes were dropping us at our door steeps or directly to our destination because of our disabilities." These were the reactions of the General Coordinator of the Association of Persons with Disabilities, CUAP WD in the North West Region of Cameroon after a decision to restrict the circulation of bikes in the urban centers was signed by the authorities of the North West region. He further said, the challenges brought to bear on them by the restriction have further been compounded by a counter ban from those he says are other stake holders in the armed conflict rocking the two Engl

Covid-19 Battle: Persons With Disabilities Call For Inclusion.

By Raymond Dingana Persons with Disabilities in Bamenda say, the fight against covid-19 is not inclusive reasons why they have been facing a lot of difficulties .Speaking to DrayInfos recently, the North West Regional President of the Coordinating Unit of the Associations of Persons with Disabilities, Mr. Fru Chick Sama said, one of the challenges has to do with communication. “ Most of the communication is done without considering the needs of persons with disabilities. For instance, those who have hearing impairment will hardly understand the massage the radio and TV stations are sending out. This is to say that, we need a lot of sign language considerations. A lot of paper work is done on covid-19 prevention but this is hardly considering the needs of persons with visually impairment. Two weeks ago, I called the toll free number, 1510 indicating them, some persons also need to communicate to them using text messages but this service is not open to text messages especially by