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Humaniterian Action: Widow To Enjoy Sleep Again After Hon.Agho's Intervention

By Raymond Dingana 77-year-old Mama Lum Monica has not had a sound sleep for years ever since her husband died some time ago and was long abandoned to herself in Bafut, Northwest region of Cameroon. What she called a bed was nothing close to a bed meant for humans to sleep on. She has been in that condition for a long time before Hon. Agho Oliver of the Bafut-Tubah Contituency came to her aid. Mama Lum from Njibujang-Bafut could not catch the tears of joy and excitement that rolled down her cheeks when she met with the new house equipment gifted by Agho Oliver, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bafut/Tubah constituency. Old Bed(Left), Before Hon. Agho Oliver Came In, New Bed(Right) Donated By The Member Of Paliament The unexpected package which constituted a new bed, mattress, bed spreads and blankets, was the fruits of an advocacy campaign by Ayumbi Marceline, community-based foundation, Vision for Hope. Vision for Hope has been applauded for unvailing the desperate, dehumanizing and