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Doctors Without Borders Urge Cameroon Government To Prioritize Health Of Citizens

By Raymond Dingana Doctors Without Border known in it's french acronym as MSF has urged the government of Cameroon to put the health needs of the population first by lifting then ban on its health care services. This is contained in a press release signed Tuesday which indicates that, thousands of people in the North West Region of Cameroon continue to struggle to enjoy adequate health care services. “We call once again on the government of Cameroon to put the needs of the population first, and to immediately reinstate MSF’s essential medical services in the North-West. Our operations cannot remain on hold indefinitely, ” MSF said in the press release. As indicated by MSF, thousands of people have continued to be denied urgent and life saving health care following the suspension of their activities by the government.  Doctors Without Borders Providing Health Care Services In Bamenda Despite all attempts to talk the powers that be in to lifting the suspension, MSF say, their request