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By Raymond Dingana

Police Officer Attempts Undressing A Pregnant woman.

Man Killed By Unidentified Gun Men.

Beneficiaries Of PPRD Hide In Bushes As Soldiers Raid Village.

Catholic Boarding Schools In Bamenda Hit By Corona Virus.

'Kwifor' To Go After Defaulters Of Anti-Covid-19 Measures In Nkwen.


Pregnant Woman Almost Stripped Naked By Police Officer.


 Pregnant woman on board a township taxi is said to have almost seen her dress pulled off from her body by a police officer at Ngeng’s Junction in Bamenda, capital of the NWR of Cameroon. Talking to DrayInfos recently, an eye witness who was on board the same taxi said, it was all because of the face mask: We were in a taxi when we got to Ngeng’s Junction where the police were controlling car documents and others. There was a woman in the taxi without her face mask on. When asked why she was not wearing it, she said she was pregnant and had just removed it to be able to have some fresh air in order not to throw out. The police officer understood her and just when he was about letting us go, this other officer came and after listening to the woman, held her dress and was carrying it up saying he wanted to see if the woman was speaking the truth. He was schooled by the others on duty. Many have complaint about the shabby treatment meted on them by security officers for not wearing face mask. They said when they failed to extort you; they wouldn’t fail to brutalize you.

                Man Killed By Unidentified Gun Men In Bamenda.


eports from the Travelers neighborhood in Bamenda say, a man yet to be identified has been short and killed by unidentified gun men. The man was brought in a vehicle, removed and shot three times at about 9AM. Sources told DrayInfos. The incident reports further state has caused many to close their shops fearing for the unknown. Many have also condemned what they called macabre act saying who so ever did it is putting the lives of the civilian population in that area at risk. This is not the first time people are brought either on a motor bike or a vehicle only to be shot and killed. Some weeks ago, it happened at the Ntarinkon neighborhood in Bamenda.

Killed Wednesday July 01, 2020 At The Travelers Neighborhood By Unidentified Gun Men. 

Beneficiaries Of PPRD Hide In Bushes As Soldiers Raid Village.


any of those who are supposed  to benefit from the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions have sort refuge in bushes in Kedjum -Keku in Babanki following raids from armed men in military attires. We are still to confirm reports that, many houses have been razed. This is coming barely days after the national coordinator for the PPRD was in the region where he was asked how reconstruction and development will take place in such an atmosphere characterized by insecurity. Minister Tasong Paul said: ''Reconstruction and Development is a path way to peace''. This was kicked against by Hon Yoyo Emmanuel, Former MP for Ngoketunjia North who said, it is Peace that is a path way to Development, and not the other way round.

Catholic Boarding Schools Hit By Corona Virus


ix students of Our Lady Of Lourdes Secondary School and five from Sacred Heart Collage all in Mankon have been infected with the corona virus. According to a document published on the social media said to have been signed by Fr. Humphrey Tatah Mbuy, Communication Officer, Archdiocese of Bamenda, on Friday may 26, 2020, a student of Our Lady Of Lourdes Secondary School went to the General Hospital Mankon where she was declared Covid positive. A decision to test the rest of the students and disinfect the school was immediately arrived at. All the students in Form 5 and upper 6th were tested including teachers and other workers. Six tested positive thereby triggering another exercise to be carried out in Sacred Heart Collage Mankon where Five students tested positive and were all taken to the treatment center at Azam Hotel. The document also debunked social media reports that, 50 students were taken to Azam Hotel and were being administered some strange medicine in sachets with Chinese writings on them.   

Document From The Archdiocese Of Bamenda On What Happened In Her Boarding Schools In Bamenda In Relation To The Out Break Of Covid-19 On Campus.

‘Kwifor’ To Go After Defaulters Of Anti-Covid-19 Measures In Nkwen.


RH Fon Azehfor III say, defaulters of anti-corona virus measures put in place will have the village 'Kwifor' to contain with. He says those found wanting will pay ten Goats, Crates of palm wine, and Baskets of kola nuts. He furthered that, he will be paying unannounced visits to the fifty eight quarters that make up the Nkwen Fondom to see if the one hundred hand wash stations made available by sons and daughters are judiciously used. He sounded the warning as he handed over anti covid-19 kits to quarter heads and representatives of religious and educational institutions, Sunday June 28, 2020 at the Palace esplanade to help arrest the spread of the virus.

HRM, Fon Azehfor III Of Nkwen Talking To The Population As He Hands Over Anti Covid Kits To Them At The Palace Esplanade.


Dr Ayuk Of The Regional Hospital in Bamenda Bows Out.


he cold hands of death have snatched one of Cameroon’s best medical doctors. Dr Ayuk Njock Leo is said to have died Tuesday Morning at the Regional hospital in Bamenda after a brief illness. DrayInfos cannot confirm that, he died of Covid-19. He was in charge of the Tuberculosis Unit at the Regional Hospital in Bamenda. Latest reports are indicating that, he will be laid to rest Thursday July 02, 2020 at his up station residence.

Details are still loading.

Late. Dr Ayuk Njock Leo

Photo Credit: Chia. Body Of Late Dr Ayuk Njock Leo Being Driven Away.

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