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Inside North West Region on DrayInfos; SEASON SIX.

  Two civilians, one Police Officer Killed in Bafut. Numerous Security Checks Milking Bamenda Denizens Dry. Bamenda Witnessing Hike in Transport Fare As Bikes Are Restricted. Bamenda Populace Awaits Buses Promised By City Council. Mourners Wounded In Ghastly Accident Babanki. Road Accident leaves one seriously wounded.   By Raymond Dingana Anglophone Crisis: Two civilians, one Police Officer Killed in Bafut S hock and consternation is still the order of the day in Bafut following the shooting to death of two civilians by those eye witnesses say were elements of the Cameroon military. According to sources from Obang, a locality in lower Bafut where the two were killed, Valentine and another man popularly known as Benzema died on the spot. Family members could be seen rolling in the mud in pain crying and asking how humans could take the lives of others like they were birds. This came after a police officer was killed at a checkpoint at around mile 1

Inside North West Region On DrayInfos; Season Three.

By Raymond Dingana Police Officer Attempts Undressing A Pregnant woman. Man Killed By Unidentified Gun Men. Beneficiaries Of PPRD Hide In Bushes As Soldiers Raid Village. Catholic Boarding Schools In Bamenda Hit By Corona Virus. 'Kwifor' To Go After Defaulters Of Anti-Covid-19 Measures In Nkwen.   Pregnant Woman Almost Stripped Naked By Police Officer. A   Pregnant woman on board a township taxi is said to have almost seen her dress pulled off from her body by a police officer at Ngeng’s Junction in Bamenda, capital of the NWR of Cameroon. Talking to DrayInfos recently, an eye witness who was on board the same taxi said, it was all because of the face mask: “ We were in a taxi when we got to Ngeng’s Junction where the police were controlling car documents and others. There was a woman in the taxi without her face mask on. When asked why she was not wearing it, she said she was pregnant and had just removed it to be able to have some fresh ai

Inside North West Region On DrayInfos.

SERIES TWO By Raymond Dingana    [1] ➤     Reports from Bali, in the North West Region are indicating that, armed men dressed in military uniforms have stormed the village, smashing doors and collecting monies from the occupants. They have reportedly forced themselves into shops at the Ntafoang Square looting them. There have been no words from the Fon of Bali, HRH, Fon Doh Ganyonga III whom reports say is out of the village. A child of about two months old was carried from the bed he was sleeping on and dumped on the floor, according to a family source. Both old and young men were given snake beatings with many sustaining wounds and are in health facilities around the Region. The catholic mission too was attacked and the junior sister to a Rev. Man of God hit by a bullet. Talking to DrayInfos from Bali, a one of the victims said, there were no gun exchanges in Bali. [2]➤ The Day of the African child has been commemorated, Tuesday June 16, 2020 with the theme: Access to a Child Friendl