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Uniform officers tell cab drivers to pick up arms and face them.

Questions have continued to be raised as to the identity of those behind the attacked on Mitanyen Credit Union

How young men bail them selves with 40000FCFA after they were accused of supplying weapons to separatist fighters.

Population of Bafut in pain as main road is blocked.

Anglophone crisis on the neck of the rice sector in the NWR.

By Raymond Dingana.

Human Rights Abuse: Buy Your Guns Let’s Fight-Uniform Officer Tells Cab Drivers


 police officer working in one of the police stations in Bamenda is said to have asked Cab Drivers at Veterinary Junction in Bamenda to buy guns and face them if they are angry with the police force. Talking to DrayInfos, James, not his real names said, it started when the police officer used his gun and shattered the driving mirror of his colleague.

A cab driver was stopped by a police officer at veterinary junction in Bamenda and just when he was pulling over, the officer used his gun and hit the driver’s mirror shattering it. The driver was so bitter and when other drivers expressed disappointment, one of the officers told us that, if we are angry with the police, we should go buy own guns and face them. He said.

This is just one of the degrading statements that are heaped on cab drivers on a daily basis in Bamenda.

Crime: Who Really Robbed Mitanyen Credit Union?


ongues have been wagging ever since news accompanied by CCTV footages went viral following a broad day attack on the Mitanyen Credit Union at Sonac Street, Friday August 21, 2020 at about 10AM.

Only men in military uniform can have such courage to carry out a broad day robbery at our credit union. This is because just opposite the credit union is the former Treasury housing soldiers. The same vehicle they used has appeared on the social media with a man dressed in police uniform. One thing we should also note is that, anybody can dressed like any other person and commit a crime . However, this particular act was carried out by experts. We just hope investigations will be effectively done for the criminals to be brought to book”. Penn, a member of the credit union said.

Photo Credit, WEB: Armed Robbers In Action Captured By CCTV Cameras At The Mitanyen Credit Union In Bamenda.

Human Rights Abuse: Youth Accused Of Supplying Weapons To Separatists Bail Self Out.


ome youths en route to attend an occasion in Nkwen recently were forced to pay the sum of 40.000FCFA, about 72 US Dollars by soldiers stationed at below Foncha in Nkwen Bamenda who accused them of supplying weapons to separatist fighters. According to an eye witness who was in the same cab with them, they were stopped at below foncha where all their cell phones were checked. One of the forces gained access to the face book account of the boys were he saw pictures of guns and other weapons. Immediately, he was arrested but said, he was not the author of the pictures. He was asked to pay 400.000FCFA, about 700 US Dollars else the matter was going to take another twist. The young men were scared and finally paid 40.000FCAF before they were let go. He recounted.

Anglophone Armed Conflict: Population Of Bafut Suffering Under The Weight Of Road Blocks.


eports from Bafut, NWR of Cameroon say, the population has continued to suffer as a result of recent roadblocks mounted by those suspected to be pro independent fighters. Sources on the ground are indicating that, the roads have been blocked for weeks now making life very difficult for the people. We are also gathering that, vehicles are only allow to use that road on Sundays which has been set aside for Bafut people to trade with those from other parts of the country. Unfortunately, the village is deserted with many fleeing. People don’t even come to buy on the village market day which is Sunday, Funwi, a son of Bafut told DrayInfos. He furthered that, when Cameroon soldiers invaded Bafut, he thought things would come to an end and that, after the recent happenings in his village, he now believes that, there is no military solution to the Anglophone Crisis.

Agriculture: Rice Sector Begging For Salvation As Anglophone Crisis Persist.


he Anglophone Crisis that has been raging on for about four years now is said to be having heavy toll on the Agricultural sector especially the Rice sector. During the installation of the new Board Chair of the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority, UNVDA, Dr Nwana Bernard recently in Bamenda, the First Deputy Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Mr. Ndoh Awah, representing the Mayor said, the crisis has hit the rice sector

"The crisis has displaced rice farmers, farmers cannot access their rice farms, and produce cannot be taken to the markets and many others all because of insecurity. The Corona virus pandemic has further compounded the already bad situation. This has actually affected the quantity of rice which we have in the market". He said.

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, H.E Mr. Gabriel Mbairobe, the rice sector in the North West and West Regions are facing some challenges marked by an increasingly fragile socio-political situation. He says, this has negatively affected the mission of UNVDA.

On his part, Dr. Nwana Bernard they are going to invite all rice farmers and intensify their production,  embrace Up- Land rice cultivation and others. He furthered that, the  rice fields that will come up will curb the rate of poverty as jobs will be created and reduced food insecurity as more quality rice will be cultivated.

Dr. Nwana Bernard, New Board Chair, UNVDA.

Agriculture Minister, H.E Mr. Gabriel Mbairobe, and Dr.Nwana Bernard At Ayaba Hotel During The Inauguration Ceremony.

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