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Inside North West Region On DrayInfos, SEASON FIVE.

Uniform officers tell cab drivers to pick up arms and face them. Questions have continued to be raised as to the identity of those behind the attacked on Mitanyen Credit Union How young men bail them selves with 40000FCFA after they were accused of supplying weapons to separatist fighters. Population of Bafut in pain as main road is blocked. Anglophone crisis on the neck of the rice sector in the NWR. By Raymond Dingana. Human Rights Abuse: Buy Your Guns Let’s Fight-Uniform Officer Tells Cab Drivers A  police officer working in one of the police stations in Bamenda is said to have asked Cab Drivers at Veterinary Junction in Bamenda to buy guns and face them if they are angry with the police force. Talking to DrayInfos, James, not his real names said, it started when the police officer used his gun and shattered the driving mirror of his colleague. “ A cab driver was stopped by a police officer at veterinary junction in Bamenda and just when he was pulling over,

Inside North West Region On DrayInfos, Season Four.

By Raymond Dingana Woman Butchered To Death In Mbengwi. Commercial biker dies because of 500Fcfa. Vehicle Belonging To Humanitarian Agency Kills Three. Journalists Almost Beat Up Driver Who Knocked Down Three Persons. Man’s Head Shattered By A Sex Worker. Fire Consumes Five Shops In Bamenda.  B’da II D O Enjoins To Stamp Out Torture, Threatening Of Persons. Brewery Truck roasted In Santa. Armed men seized Vehicle belonging to mobile communication company.     Murder:  Mbengwi Council Accountant Butchered To Death. S ecurity officials in Mbengwi, Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon are investigating the murder of Enjoh Irene, who was an accountant at the Mbengwi council. She was butchered to death at her Mbengwi G.R.A residence on the night of Sunday breaking Monday by unidentified individuals. According to Mbengwi online, the husband of the deceased has been taken for questioning given that, they have been having some marital