After Restricting Circulation of Motor Bikes, Bikers Demand Taxis From City Mayor.

 By Raymond Dingana

Commercial Bikers in Bamenda say, Mayor Achobong Paul of the Bamenda city council should provide them with taxis to facilitate their switching to the cab driving sector. They made the request after the mayor said he was going to provide one thousand drivers licenses to bike riders willing to switch to the taxi sector. This came following the restriction of circulation of motor bikes in urban areas in Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

"If the mayor is serious about what he is saying, he should not only pay for licenses but buy taxis and give us. That will make it easier for us to switch and the restriction on the  circulation of bikes in urban areas will be very much welcomed without which, there will be problems."Timothy Ako said.

As stated by this other biker who voted to be referred to just as Jerry, the administration has never been people oriented reason why they take decisions without thinking about the man in the streets.

"Are we going to be using drivers licenses to ride okada, has he bought taxis for us to drive, will he give us loans to buy the taxis with, if that's the case, then we don't have any problem.I don't have money to pay for a vehicle to be using as taxi, if the mayor can help us out, it will be good and we shall appreciate. He can also facilitate the process for us to acquire loans from financial institutions so that we can buy the taxis with ," Jerry indicated.

Commercial Bikers In Bamenda.[Image used for illustration].

It should be noted that, in a bid to ease the pain commercial bike riders may go through because of the decision restricting movement, especially in urban centers, the city mayor, Mr. Paul Achobong indicated that, those in the business of bike riding who think their jobs are threatened should switch to the yellow taxi sector and that help will be given them through free licenses paid by the council that will cost the city council about three million FCFA for one thousand of them. It is now a matter of wait and see if the city council will extend its largess to the purchase of about a thousand taxis to be handed over to the bike riders switching to the cab driving sector.

Many in Bamenda have express  fears that, the recent decision limiting circulation on both private and commercial bikes in urban centers is that which may tear the Division apart if care is not taken.


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