Covid -19 Battle: CESCOMPSUD Fortifies Local Business Owners With Kits

By Raymond Dingana

Some traders at the Bamenda-food market in the North West Region of Cameroon have been armed with face masks and other anti-Covid-19 kits  to help  protect themselves the against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in their communities by the Centre for Strategic Communication, Peace Building and Sustainable Development known as CESCOMSUD. 

Pechuqui Laurata, A Volunteer At CESCOMSUD Distributing Face Mask To 'Buyam Sellams
' At The Bamenda Food Market.

Representing  the Executive Director Mrs Rosaline Obah at the event, Pechuqui Laurata ,one of the volunteers at the Center  said, traders are most at risk of being infected with the virus:

''Trader more often render public services to hundreds of customers daily who come to buy food commodity and other household items. In the process of these transactions, they have to deal with communicating with this number or persons and usually will surely have saliva come out of their mouths while in conversation and  bargaining in the buying and selling process. If either of two persons involved in the process has a face mask, the infection rate will be minimized. And since it was easy to locate these local business owners, CESCOMSUD decided to have them as major targets for the reach out. We will be embarking on a similar activity to other vulnerable groups in the days ahead as our own little way to reduce or minimize the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic thereby assisting in saving lives." she said on behalf of Rosaline  Obah .

Traders At The Food Market Posing With Their Face Mask On Offered Them By CESCOMSUD

These women were cautioned by Pechuqui Laurata who represented CESCOMSUD to be on guard and keep respecting the barrier measures put in place by the Government and the World Health Organization. She went further to school the women and men on how to put on the face mask and how greatly it will help safe their families and customers. 

Distribution Of Covid-19 Kits Continues

This distribution  comes at a time when the number of cases of people infected with the corona virus  disease is on the rise in the country with some cases recorded in the Littoral and West regions. 
So far Cameroon has recorded over  22,000 cases of infected person's with the virus since it's outbreak in March.

Though the people can easily avoid  getting infected, many have refused to put on a face mask and respect the other barrier measures. Some have taken the face mask in Bamenda as a chin mask while many wear them only when they see uniform officers.

 All these and others not mentioned are believed to have caused the increase in the number of infected persons. However there is a 95% chance that this virus could be a thing of the past if  people learn to respect the measures. Nevertheless there is hope as the US has released a vaccine which  has been confirmed to be 95% active from The US company Moderna Shows.

As Cameroonians  anticipate  the coming of the vaccine,  the Center for Strategic Communication,  Peace Building and Sustainable Development known as  CESCOMSUD hopes and prays that, the anti Covid-19 Kits  shared go a long way to safe the lives of many.



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