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Covid -19 Battle: CESCOMPSUD Fortifies Local Business Owners With Kits

By Raymond Dingana Some traders at the Bamenda-food market in the North West Region of Cameroon have been armed with face masks and other anti-Covid-19 kits  to help  protect themselves the against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in their communities by the Centre for Strategic Communication, Peace Building and Sustainable Development known as CESCOMSUD.  Pechuqui Laurata, A Volunteer At  CESCOMSUD Distributing Face Mask To 'Buyam Sellams ' At The Bamenda Food Market. Representing  the Executive Director Mrs Rosaline Obah at the event, Pechuqui Laurata ,one of the volunteers at the Center  said, traders are most at risk of being infected with the virus: ''Trader more often render public services to hundreds of customers daily who come to buy food commodity and other household items. In the process of these transactions, they have to deal with communicating with this number or persons and usually will surely have saliva come out of their mouths while in conversation

Covid-19: Alim Hayatou Visits NW, Calls For Synergy To Fight Pandemic.

By Raymond Dingana The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Health in charge of Epidemics and Pandemics has prescribed a combined action of both the authorities and the local population to root out the corona virus pandemic from the North West Region of Cameroon. Mr. Alim Hayatou made the call Friday May 15, 2020 during his visit to the region to assess the regional responds plan put in place by authorities of the region to check the spread of the corona virus pandemic. “ The corona virus pandemic is a humanitarian problem affecting not only Cameroon but the whole word. The corona virus has come to remind us that we are all humans; we breathe the same air, a child in Bamenda and the one in New York are facing the same risk reasons why we need a synergy to beat the virus ” . Mr. Alim Hayatou said. Alim Hayatou In A Working Session With Stake Holders In Bamenda. During the visit, Mr. Alim Hayatou visited the covid-19 screening post at Matazem Santa, the covid

Covid-19 Battle: Mayor Of Nkor Appeals To 'Amba' Fighters To Join Fight.

By Raymond Dingana The Mayor of Nkor Council, Dr. Nchanji Ndi Germanus has made a clarion appeal to pro independence fighters operating in his area to rather join the fight against Covid-19 than trying to disrupt it. Mayor Dr. Nchanji Ndi Germanus was speaking to DrayInfos , Friday May 08, 2020. “ Covid -19 is real, it has killed a lot of people reasons why all of us must fight as one man if the pandemic must be defeated. My appeal to the armed fighters is for them to join in the fight against Covid-19 because the virus is non respecter of persons. It can attack just any one irrespective of your position in life. When I purchased some anti covid-19 kits and was taken them to Noni, we were stopped along the way and our vehicle was searched. They saw the hand sanitizers and collected theirs, a clear indication that, some have understood the fact that, covid-19 is a common enemy which must be dealt with” . Mayor Dr. Nchanji Ndi Germanus said. Dr. Nchanji Ndi Germanus Of Nko

Efforts To Contain COVID 19: " Stop Military Extortion, Reduce Fuel Prices"-CAB DRIVERS Petition Gov’t.

By Raymond Dingana Cab Drivers in Bamenda, chief town of the North West Region of Cameroon have invited the powers that be to stop military extorting, initiate a Complete Suspension of Taxes, the complete suspension of control of Car Documents by security officials, a reduction in fuel prices among others so that, they can better contribute their own quarter in arresting the situation.  According to Nji Pius, North West Regional president of the National Trade Union of Workers of the Land Transport Sector, SYNESTER, if all these are not taken into consideration, the fight against the deadly COVID 19 by Cab Drivers in Bamenda may just be heading for the rocks. “ We have decided to avoid over loading of our vehicles as a way to limit the spread of the deadly COVID 19 Virus.  From now hence forth, we will be transporting one in front and two behind in order to respect the one meter social distance. This can only be possible if security officers stop extorting monies from us. If