NW Farmers Saluted For Feeding Population Despite Odds


By Raymond Dingana

During the launching of the 2021 Agricultural season in the North West Region that took place in Santa,Thursday March 25, farmers were saluted for standing against all odds in order that,the population is fed. 

Pointing out the efforts farmers have been making to feed the country and beyond despite being hit by the ongoing socio-political crisis and the covid-19 pandemic,north west governor,LeLe Lafrique Adolphe celebrated the farmers. 

"I want to congratulate the farmers for resuming activities on their farms despite the stumbling blocks mounted by the ongoing socio political crisis and the corona virus pandemic. By doing so, they have been able to feed the population thereby contributing in bringing the security situation to the level we have in the region today,"he said. 

Governor LeLe,His Colaborators And Farmer' Representatives During The Launch 

Despite being able to feed the people,the farmers through madam Ngong Elizabeth Maika requested that,the government should support them so that, they can do more

"We need more support in the form of farm inputs,farm to market roads and abave all, an end to  the crisis so that we can carryout  our activities without fear,"she indicated.

The quest to see the socio political crisis come to an end was amplified by the mayor of Santa council.

He says many farmers have migrated to the French speaking part of the country because of insecurity.

He furthers that, a good number have been kidnapped for ransom, some raped in their farms,crops destroyed and many others,reason why the farming population has greatly reduced since many have fled.

The farmers would later be distributed seeds which according to the Director General of MIDENO,Mr. Anye Matoya, was to encourage all those forced out of farming by the crisis to embrace agriculture once again.

He also promised the farmers that,in no distant time, they will be able to evacuate their crops from the farms to the markets without any difficulty because farm to market roads will soon be made available.

LeLe Lafrique Handing Over Farm Inputs To Farmers.

Support To Farmers

LeLe Lafrique Adolphe Mounts Tractor

Despite cultivating crops like Irish potatoes,Carrots,Green vegetables among others and selling both at home and beyond,many of the farmers are still living a wretched life.

Farmers At The Launching Of The Farming Season. 

This has been blamed on the fact that,the farmers are exploited by those who come from big cities like Yaounde and Douala with some coming from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Society watchers say, these traders go right in to the farms and buy very cheap from the farmers. 

This explains why, they think,a strong farmers' Cooperative is needed to mangage their activities so that,they can start enjoying the fruits of their Labour. 



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