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NW Farmers Saluted For Feeding Population Despite Odds

  By Raymond Dingana During the launching of the 2021 Agricultural season in the North West Region that took place in Santa,Thursday March 25, farmers were saluted for standing against all odds in order that,the population is fed.  Pointing out the efforts farmers have been making to feed the country and beyond despite being hit by the ongoing socio-political crisis and the covid-19 pandemic,north west governor,LeLe Lafrique Adolphe celebrated the farmers.  "I want to congratulate the farmers for resuming activities on their farms despite the stumbling blocks mounted by the ongoing socio political crisis and the corona virus pandemic. By doing so, they have been able to feed the population thereby contributing in bringing the security situation to the level we have in the region today," he said.  Governor LeLe,His Colaborators And Farmer' Representatives During The Launch  Despite being able to feed the people,the farmers through madam Ngong Elizabeth Maika requested that